Applying Buggy Graphics
There are many ways to apply your custom skin. The instructions below are a general explanation of how we suggest to install your Upgrade graphics. The most important thing to remember is to take your time, go slow, and try not to rush.

Is the skin applied to the outside or the inside?
-Upgrade skins are designed to be applied to the outside of your body.

Will a skin hold up to crashes and nitro fuel?
-Upgrade skins are extremely tough. We use only the best materials. Generally our skins hold up to the demanding conditions of R/C. In most case it will actually add to the life of your body. Upgrade skins are virtually impervious to splashes of nitro fuel.

How difficult are skins to apply?
-Not difficult at all. The instructions below will help you navigate the installation process.

What if I make a mistake during installation?
-Slowly and carefully remove the skin piece by peeling it back and the re-apply.

1: We suggest applying graphics before painting. IMPORTANT!!! Remove protective film before applying graphics. We recommend cutting off any excess lexan from body. Do not cut out body completely.
2: Familiarize yourself with the pieces of your Upgrade graphic kit. We suggest applying one of the top sides first, nose piece second, roof third, and sides last.
3: While applying the first piece, use a point of reference to line up your skin. We suggest using the bottom front part of the window outline as the reference point. While holding one side of the skin, hovering above the body (not touching) apply a small portion of the other side down, lining it up with the reference point. Once the correct "line up" is achieved gradually apply the remaining portion of your skin.
4: By using a small amount of heat (by hairdryer or heat gun) you can work the edges of the skin down.

5: Once you apply both top sides you are now ready to apply the remaining pieces. Apply the nose by lining the skin up with the bottom of the front window outline.Apply the roof by using the top part of the front window as a point of reference. The roof piece is long. We suggest rolling the back part of the roof skin forward (towards you) while ling up the front part. When the proper alignment is achieved you can then apply the rest of the roof piece by slowly working it down towards the back.

6: Apply the sides by using the graphic as a point of reference. Apply the graphic just below the body fold while maintaing the line up with the graphic.
7: After you have completely applied your Upgrade skin, you are now ready for paint. Start this process by first prepping the body. Use simple soap and warm water to clean the inside of your body. Then rinse thoroughly. Make sure there is no remaining soap residue. Dry completely and apply window masks. We recommend using a plastic bag to tape to the outside of your body to prevent over spray.

8: The base color of your Upgrade skin is what the main color of your body will be. We will mask off the front of the body since it will be white. Always paint dark to light on lexan bodies.

When masking, these points are important.
Mask from these points forward, staying below the window line. Make sure to completely mask the nose. Now paint your base color.

9: Once you have completed painting the base color, remove masking tape from the front and then paint white. Let dry.
10: Once paint is dry remove window masks and the plastic bag used to prevent overspray. Cut out the body.