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HG P410 Parts Upgrade HG P410 RAPTOR Pickup Parts, HG 4X4 RC Truck Car Parts

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The HengGuan HG P410 RAPTOR RC Pickup Truck Video

What is the HengGuan P410 RC Car?

HengGuan P410 RC car is a 1/10 scale 2.4G Four-wheel Drive RC Pickup Truck. This remote control car is medium in size and suitable for driving on most terrains. The interior of the remote control car basically uses a metal frame, metal bearings, and a metal transmission shaft for full-scale remote control. This remote control car supports infinitely variable speed, and the speed can be adjusted at will.

When the throttle trigger is large, the driving speed is fast. When the class range of the throttle is small, the driving speed is small. The same is true for steering control. The greater the rotation range of the steering knob, the greater the rotation angle of the car. Conversely, if the steering knob rotates in a small range, the angle of the wheel rotation will also be small.

HengGuan HG P410 RC Car Parts list

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Product Description For HG P410 RC Truck Parts

Product name High Speed RC Monster Truck HG-P410 B-2 1/10 2.4G Four-wheel Drive Pickup Truck Kids Remote Control Car
Item Number HG-P410 B-2
Playing Time 40 Mins
Charging Time 4 Hours
Packing size 56.8*30*36.5CM
CTN size 58.7*31.8*39.5CM
G.W/N.W 6.2/5 KGS
Package Color Box
Color Black
Wheelbase 28.1CM
Spare tire wheel diameter 21.7CM
wheel width R9.5CM
Main functions:

Main function

1. 7.4V 4500mAh 15C high-rate lithium battery. (optional)
2. 2.4G four-channel full-scale synchronous remote control system
3. 6kg digital plastic gear waterproof steering gear.
4. Full-vehicle enclosed plastic gear dust-proof transmission mid-wave box
5. 160A ESC can be switched with brake/no brake function
6. Variable stroke universal metal shaft transmission system
7. The portal bridge suspension system adopts a differential speed reduction transmission structure with bevel gears inside
8. The front and rear axle differentials can be equipped with manual differential lock function
9. Suspension of large load damping sheet (spring sheet can be added or subtracted at will)
10. Comes with four large stroke dampers
11. Any platform modification can upgrade the lighting combination and simulation sound combination
12. The 3-speed transmission ratio of the central transmission can be switched at will (LOW GEAR 1:64.39 2ND GEAR 1:35.20 TOP GEAR 1:21.14)
13. The steering angle percentage and gear percentage are adjustable
14. The forward and reverse switching of the throttle has been turned forward and reverse switching
15. On the basis of any drive platform, it can be upgraded to realize 4 kinds of all-wheel steering mode switching:
A. Independent steering of the front wheels
B. Four-wheel synchronous steering in different directions
C. Four-wheel synchronous steering in the same direction
D. Independent steering of rear wheels.

Packing List:

Operation manual *1
Nylon cable tie 3*150mm *6
P410 car shell sticker *1
1.5mm Allen key *1
2.0mm Allen key *1
2.5mm Allen key *1
Cross wrench (small) *1
Open-end wrench (small) *1
Hex wrench *1
M3*4 drill screw *2
Flange nylon locknut (M4) *2
Sponge double-sided stickers *1
Bolt screw (Φ2.5*11mm*M3) *2

HengGuan HG P410 FAQ

Question: Do the HengGuan HG P410 waterproofs?

Most of the equipment of this remote control car is waterproof, which can drive in less watery terrain. At that time, if the water is too deep, try to avoid using it. Avoid the battery plug, etc., from touching water and burning the remote control car.

Question: How long is it usable until the charge?

When this remote control car is driving at full capacity, it can last about 30 minutes. If you use 600mah, it can take 30 to 40 minutes. So you can buy more spare batteries. If one battery is dead, you can replace another battery.

Question: Is there only one battery in the package or there is two?

The original remote control car comes with a lithium battery inside. It has been installed in the remote control car, you can directly connect and use it after receiving the goods.

Question: what spare batteries do people recommend for this car ?

We recommend that this remote control car can use the upgraded version of 4500mah battery can greatly improve the driving time, experience more lasting driving pleasure.

Question: Can it run stock on 3S lipo?/

The remote control car produced by the original factory does not support a 3S battery and will burn out. If you have to modify the 3S 11.1v battery, you need to upgrade the receiver board, remote control, motor, and ESC, steering gear. use.

Question: Since this has an upgraded battery included, is it premodified to fit the larger battery? or do we still need to modify it ourselves?

This remote control car can support a 7.4V lithium battery by default. As long as the size can be put down or fixed, you can use a larger capacity lithium battery. Note that the discharge factor is preferably 15C, the voltage should be 7.4V, and the material should be lithium battery.

Question: what is the size of the battery compartment? what maximum size of the lipo battery does it takes? up to lipo 2s 60c 6000mah?

Without making modifications, the maximum battery dimensions are 136x43x20mm. That means any 2S LiPo above 5200mAh probably won't fit. If you're good at making modifications, you can fit maybe up to 136x43x20mm.

Common question for P410 battery

How to choose the right battery?

1) First of all, it depends on the voltage, the voltage must be the same.

2) Secondly, look at the material, whether it is a lithium battery, if it is a NiMH or NI-CD battery, it will not work, because the charger cannot charge it.

3) then it depends on the corresponding battery discharge coefficient. Generally, a remote control car needs a discharge rate of at least 15C. If a higher discharge rate, such as 20C, 25C, is also possible, the speed of the remote control car will be even greater, but due to the total battery capacity Is fixed, the faster the discharge speed per unit time, the shorter the driving time.

4 Finally, it depends on the battery size. The size can be put in or fixed in the car.

How to charge the battery parts?

a way to fee the lithium battery correctly?

①The lithium battery does not want to be absolutely charged for 3 hours for the first time. This is what the antique Ni-MH battery desires to do. The batteries used in contemporary far flung manipulate toys are usually lithium-ion batteries or polymer lithium batteries. It desires to be charged as standard, and the battery full indicator light is on.

②From a protection factor of view, do not cover some thing at the lithium battery while charging and do no longer put it at the mattress to avoid hearth. In addition, strive not to answer the smartphone while charging, due to the fact the electromagnetic radiation of the charging cellular smartphone will be notably huge./

③The lithium battery does now not want to be activated with the aid of a unique approach. The lithium battery will be clearly activated when the electric car is using. Lithium batteries haven't any reminiscence effect, so there's no want to deliberately deep price and discharge activation.

④avoid excessive-temperature charging. Do not charge in an surroundings wherein the temperature exceeds 40°. Excessive temperatures will lessen the battery's capacity. Try and choose a cool and ventilated surroundings, too warm and humid environment isn't conducive to the charging country, but also harm the battery and decrease the existence of the charger.

⑤The lithium battery p.C. Have to be charged as it is used as lots as possible to avoid recharging after the battery is underneath voltage each time. This may significantly improve the battery life and make the battery in a shallow cycle nation so that the battery life may be prolonged.

⑥ Please use the charger from the original manufacturer or a emblem with a great recognition. Use the unique charger for lithium battery, and comply with the commands, otherwise, the battery could be damaged or maybe risky.

HengGuan JG P410 Reviews

1) i have been looking ahead to this enlarged model of the auto for a long term. I've used a P410 off-avenue automobile before, and it feels excellent, so I started with this large 1:10 collection. I will also purchase extra improve accessories to upgrade my huge off-street vehicle
2) first of all, first. The car is very rapid, and i've tested it with out a fake fashionable. It may reach 30KM with my 2S 4500mah 20C battery.
second. The structure of the automobile is excellent, and the shock resistance and surprise resistance are near best. Throw it you may bounce it down.
0.33. The materials of the auto are also correct. The hard alloy gears even have a powder metallurgy differential. The important thing point is that the differential fabric is not any trouble with 100KM, and there is a metal pressure shaft.
Fourth, the rate of the automobile is genuinely inexpensive than others, and the shop gave me a hard and fast of head-up wheels in non-public. Besides the far flung control is rather monotonous, it's far truly correct! It's definitely worth shopping for this 1:10 brushless car!
3) this is virtually the speed of a actual automobile!. I dare not allow my toddler play alone! I bought a number of automobiles for youngsters, however this one is not like a toy. So notable. The rate and excellent are first class! I don't know if youngsters love it or no longer. I love it so much! Awesome! Really worth buying.
4) The metallic power shaft of the automobile is indeed very long lasting with the powder metallurgy tools. The power is likewise very good. The 2S battery may be used to elevate the head casually. Visually, the 2S may also attain 30KM. Subsequent, i'm going to buy a 3S battery. The ESC may be used to assist the 3S battery. That velocity might also reach 70KM! The auto may be very proof against crashes, due to the fact it's miles fast and the vicinity is small, so the car's shell is a piece steeply-priced after hitting a variety of motors and the whole lot else is satisfactory. The great is truely desirable!
5) This water resistant ability is honestly nobody! The power is also superb. If the gears are also all metallic, it'll be even extra ideal! The automobile could be very cost-powerful. It's miles advocated which you like the model to buy it! Now not terrible car!
6) I saw it on the tubing and purchased it. This logo has been well received by many tests on the tubing. Keep conscience rate, brushless motor, 45A ESC sold at this charge is genuinely reasonably-priced, the maximum powerful is the waterproof characteristic and anti-fall! Excellent, I sincerely want to advise everyone to shop for!
7) okay, actually correct! Extremely good in all respects, the exceptional element is that the price is inexpensive than others.
Eight) The off-road automobile could be very quality! The rate is too speedy, the rhythm to fly! The fabric is % tender shell, which is very self-willed. It's far no hassle to show a few somersaults. The front and rear bumpers also are more proof against crashes. There are differentials on the the front and rear, and metal transmission shafts. The battery is likewise long lasting. A battery can play for a long term! The carrier attitude in the store is likewise excellent! Recommended
9) The nice is very good. It's far fantastic relaxed to power and may tilt the pinnacle. The battery is first rate long lasting.
10) the velocity and high-quality are without a doubt good. I tried to pressure as normal as I dropped it in the water and took it out. The kid threw the automobile from the second ground upstairs and there has been no harm to the accessories! This best is actually desirable! It’s no marvel that the shop is constantly telling me to relaxation confident that the nice is indeed very good.