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UDIRC 1607 Parts Upgrades Parts UDI RC 1607 RC Car Mods Battery Reviews

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The Video for the UDIRC 1607 RC Car

Why choose UDI RC 1607 ,UDIRC 1607 RC Racing Car

that is a high-speed faraway manage racing vehicle produced by way of the UDIRC RC manufacturing facility. The brush version option number is UDIRC 1607.The Brushless version option number is UD1607-pro
1. In case you want to use your remote manipulate vehicle with a couple of capabilities on the identical time,I strongly advocate you to shop for this automobile. It has 2 units of tires,a fixed of racing tires for flat running,and a fixed of drifting tires for drifting action. Can be adapted to exceptional terrains and competitive categories
2. The whole length of this car is 30*14.5*10cm. Single weight 1.25KG (consisting of the load of the colour container) adopts a 1:16 complete-scale design. For the brush version automobile,the internal motor adopts 380 robust magnetic brush motor with sturdy power. At the equal time,you could improve to a brushless motor in keeping with your needs,with quicker speed and longer using time.
3. This vehicle's governor makes use of a 40A incorporated ESC. Powerful,the brushed version is up to 35km/h. You can also without problems upgrade to the brushless version of the Rally vehicle,due to the fact the manufacturing unit has evolved assisting upgrade system,allowing you to effortlessly improve to the brushless version,the rate of the brushless version is set 45km-50km/h.
4. The wheelbase is 121mm and the wheelbase is 168mm. The battery adopts 18650 7.4V 1200mAh lithium battery with sturdy strength and the remote manage time is set 20 mins. You can additionally upgrade to a better potential battery to enhance using time and pace.
5. This vehicle makes use of 2.4Ghz frequency far flung manipulate generation with a far off manipulate distance of up to 80m.
6. This Rally vehicle has received relevant certificates,along with FCC,EN71,ROHS and different certificates,and the best is fantastic. You may buy with self belief.

UDI RC 1607 UDIRC 1607 Parts Accessories list

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    UDIRC 1607 Parts FAQ

    UDIRC 1607 VS UDI 1601 1602 1603 1604 1608 as compared

    First of all,in terms of size,they all belong to the 1:16 collection of mini remote control cars. The scale is sort of the same.
    From the internal shape,the simple accessories may be used universally. Only a little parts are different.Such as the Body shell,Front and Rear Front anti-collision,The shell bracket etc.

    At the same time,the remote manipulate time,distance,and charging time are nearly the identical. They are able to play for about 19 to 21 minutes.The brush version vehicle's maximum speed is 35km/h.He Brushless version vehicle's maximum pace is 45-50km/h. The faraway manipulate distance is up to 35-forty five meters.

    So in the end,in terms of look,the advent and shape are distinct. The lights of the 1607 faraway manipulate car may be controlled independently. At the equal time,if the tires,car shells and inner supports are changed,these motors may be converted into some other car.

    Query: Can I upload FPV gadget to this RC automobile ?

    Yes,you can positioned a fpv digicam in this rc car.

    Query: Do the UDIRC 1607 waterproofs?

    Maximum of the gadget of this Rally car is water resistant,that could power in much less watery terrain. At that time,if the water is simply too deep,attempt to avoid the usage of it. Avoid the battery plug,and many others.,from touching water and burning the far off manage car.

    Query: How long the running time ,then to charge ?

    When this remote manage car is driving at complete capability,it is able to run about 19-21 mins. In case you improve to 2200mah,it may run 23 to 35 mins. So you can buy extra spare batteries. If one battery is lifeless,you could replace another battery.

    Query: Is there most effective one battery within the bundle or there's two ?

    The authentic faraway control automobile comes with a lithium battery inside. It's been mounted within the faraway manipulate car,you can directly connect and use it after receiving the products.

    Query: Which spare batteries do people advise for this vehicle ?

    We advocate that this remote control car can use the upgraded model of 2200mah battery can significantly improve the driving time,enjoy greater lasting using satisfaction.

    Query: When you consider that this has an upgraded battery included,is it premodified to match the bigger battery? Or will we nevertheless need to Upgrade it By ourselves ?

    This Remote control vehicle can support a 7.4V lithium battery by means of default. So long as the dimensions may be put down or fixed,you may use a bigger ability lithium battery. Note that the release component is ideally 15C,the voltage have to be 7.4V,and the material have to be lithium battery.

    UDIRC 1607 Reviews,UDI RC 1607 RC Car and Parts Reviews

    1. I purchased it for my son,and the automobile comes with an esp. Sensitivity may be adjusted,with 3 4 channel manipulate. The 3-channel is to manipulate the lights,and the cost performance is simply too high. I did not anticipate the UDIRC RC far flung manipulate vehicle to develop so rapid after several years of not playing.

    2. After comparing numerous agencies,I subsequently selected the UDIRC RC version. The customer support is responsible and enthusiastic. The car is fee-powerful,the battery is durable,the car ratio is excellent,the velocity may be very fast,the game is very good,and it's far extraordinary. Above,exact matters are worth sharing with all people.

    3. The fine is good and really high-quit,no longer a not unusual faraway control automobile. It is so fast to play on the floor

    4. Excellent. Going to the park led a collection of kids to chase the auto,which made me not able to allow cross. As a result,I broke the decrease arm and horn of the right the front wheel. I bought greater add-ons as spare components. A few alternate immediately.

    5. It is the primary time to play drifting automobile. It's been nearly 2 days of practice. Let's see how i'm drifting. This car is pretty exact,suitable for beginners to exercise into the pit. After practicing,purchase a higher one for fun.

    6. The quality is superb,the rate ratio is quite true,the characteristic is wealthy,and there are loose drift tires,praise,reward

    7. This 1:16 automobile may be stated to be very value-effective. I concept that the brushed motor became not speedy,however I did not assume the strength to be tremendous. Moreover,the car feels very robust in appearance,play,or within the hand. The 3-speed manipulate and frame balance of the belt are also extra sensible. The primary time i've encountered drifting and jogging,I still do not know how to waft,however it is smooth to get started. It's miles encouraged that the glide tires on the timber floor and solid timber ground inside the domestic must now not be put on casually,due to the fact the drifting plastic tires at the floor are appropriate,however the car is wide,and the auto shell can best be utilized by the unique manufacturing facility,hoping to get a few pulling force Or the drifting simulation case. Typical,the car is very good,and extra than three hundred also are well worth the fee.

    8. I learned from youtube that this 1607-pro is a newly released 1:sixteen series version this yr. It has a small look. The velocity is incredibly rapid. The form is very fine. On the equal time,there are lights that may be managed. Playing at night is also a completely exclusive preference. As it has a protracted remote manage distance. So no matter how big the park is,you could power at excessive speed. ,it is an upgraded model of UDIRC 1607. As compared with 1607,it is basically the equal. But the velocity is truly quicker.

    9. This new version was launched this 12 months,and i positioned an order without hesitation. UDIRC merchandise have constantly been my favorite merchandise. I will take a look at this after I get hold of the product.

    10. I am very happy that this 1/16 waft off-avenue dual reason automobile can produce a brand new version. The preceding 1601,1602 have now been proposed. As a glide vehicle enthusiast who wishes different styles,the brand new 1607 float car meets the needs of our majority of version fans,and we're very determined to vicinity an order and pay.Exquisite praise.

    11. I chose DHL to buy this newly launched product. Looking forward to a qualitative improvement in his performance.

    12. I can buy each new made of UDIRC,and this product is already to be had. The form continues to be the same as before,which is incredible. The rate of the trolley is superb,and the material of the tires has been upgraded. Extra grip,stronger floor friction. The various drifting moves made are very unique and smooth to manipulate. Strongly advocate anyone to buy.

    13. UDIRC products are very effective now,and far off manage vehicle gliders are all my favorites. I basically offered the 1/16 series. The 1:16 model suggests that UDIRC need to preserve studies and improvement to enhance speed and stability. Come on. Sturdy guide.