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WLToys A959 A959B A959-B Parts Upgrade Parts list,Vortex WLToys A959-B RC Car Mods Battery Reviews.

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What is the wltoys A959B A959-B RC Car?

wltoys A959B A959-B RC car is a 1/18 scale RC racing car. This remote control car is medium in size and suitable for driving on most terrains. The interior of the remote control car basically uses a metal frame, metal bearings, and a metal transmission shaft for full-scale remote control. This remote control car supports infinitely variable speed, and the speed can be adjusted at will.

When the throttle trigger is large, the driving speed is fast. When the class range of the throttle is small, the driving speed is small. The same is true for steering control. The greater the rotation range of the steering knob, the greater the rotation angle of the car. Conversely, if the steering knob rotates in a small range, the angle of the wheel rotation will also be small.

The size of this remote control car is 24.5*17.5*9.4CM. The size of the color box is 29*21*21CM. No Matter the Chassis or the tires, They are carefully selected through a series of high-quality materials with higher toughness and wear resistance. The Body is made of the Hight Strength aluminum alloy with strong stability.


The receiving board inside this remote control car is made waterproof, so you can play in places where there is not much water.

The top speed

The original brushed motor of this remote control car has a powerful power output and a limit speed of up to 60km/h. The motor is 550 Carbon Brush Strong Motor. Powerful. The disadvantage is that his torque is relatively small. If you want to upgrade to a climbing car, you have to change to a more torque motor such as 540. And put on bigger and wider wheels.

Brake function.

This remote control car has a brake function. When you press backward when you are entering, it will break. The effect is very good. When you press back on the remote control a second time, the car is going back.

Hardware hydraulic shock absorber

This remote control car adopts a hardware hydraulic shock absorber, which has an obvious shock absorption effect and improves the stability of driving speed. Four-wheel independent shock absorber system.using hardware oil chock absorber, can effectively reduce the vibration when driving at high speed, make the ride smooth, meet obstacles that can effectively reduce the impact force, and adaptable to multiple terrains.

The principle of hydraulic shock absorber:

The hydraulic shock absorber is an important damping component on the primary suspension and secondary suspension of locomotives (diesel locomotives, electric locomotives), metro vehicles, urban light rail vehicles, and high-speed Dao highway large passenger vehicle bogies (bridges). It relies on the reciprocating movement of the stretched and compressed piston rods to form a hydraulic damping force to achieve the purpose of damping. It has a good damping effect and a flexible damping effect. It improves the stability and comfort of locomotives and vehicles at high speeds. The key component of safety.

The hydraulic shock absorber is characterized in that it is provided with a dust cover assembly, a telescopic dust cover, a piston rod sealing assembly, a damping valve, a piston rod guide seat, a piston rod, a pressure cylinder, a piston, an oil guide pipe, a bottom valve assembly, Oil storage cylinder components, spherical rubber joints. The dust cover assembly is welded to the spherical rubber joint. The telescopic dust cover is installed on the piston rod seal assembly. The piston rod seal assembly is installed on the piston rod guide seat. The damping valve and the oil pipe are installed on the piston rod guide seat. The piston rod is screw-locked and connected, the bottom valve assembly is installed at the bottom of the oil storage cylinder, and the oil storage cylinder assembly is welded to the spherical rubber joint.


1. Stable dynamic performance, asymmetry rate of tension, and compression is less than 10%.
2. Wear resistance, a non-metallic wear-resistant ring is installed between the cylinder and the piston to avoid the friction caused by the movement between metals.
3. No noise, adopting liquid single circulation high-pressure jet damping structure.
4. The damping stiffness and natural frequency are high, and the vibration reduction effect can be achieved with a small stroke.
5. Good durability, using high-performance wear-resistant materials, maintenance-free for 500,000 kilometers.
6. Good sealing performance, reasonable sealing structure, and high-quality sealing elements.
7. Reliable performance and best safety.
8. It is extremely convenient to disassemble, adjust and maintain, and the damping force can be adjusted according to needs.
9. Good dustproof performance, with three dustproof structures, which effectively protects the normal operation of the piston rod for a long time.
10. Better cost performance.

Zinc alloy gear

Differentials and gears are made of zinc alloy, which is strong and wear-resistant. High-temperature resistance. Compared with general plastic gears, zinc alloy gears have higher strength and significantly improved durability.

Metal Bearings

The front steering cup is inside and outside, and the rear wheel seat is made of metal bearings, which can make the car run more smoothly and reduce resistance.

Full metal chassis

with a cool appearance and an all-metal chassis, this exquisite workmanship gives you a different experience


2.4GHZ remote control system

Wireless remote control, longer distance, better experience. the control distance is up to 100 me0ters.

How to choose the wltoys A959 A959B A959-B parts?

It should be noted that most of the accessories of A959 and A959B are the same, only the differential gear and the motor are different. The motor size of the A959B is larger.

First of all, all parts of this remote control car can be replaced, and it is very convenient to disassemble and install. Familiar ones can be purchased directly on this site according to the pictures.
If you are unfamiliar, see the parts diagram in the manual. Purchase according to the corresponding model inside.
For detailed parts pictures, please refer to this link to open wltoys A959 A959B A959-B parts diagram. It should be noted that most of the accessories of A959 and A959B are the same, only the differential gear and the motor are different. The motor size of the A959B is larger.

Where to buy the Spare parts for the wltoys A959 A959B A959-B car?

Our remote control cars are sold in many places around the world. You can buy it in physical stores, inject into Wal-Mart, model stores, or buy on Amazon
For accessories, it is recommended that you buy them directly from this site or online stores such as eBay and Amazon.

How to Repair the wltoys A959 A959B A959-B Battery parts?

what is the type of the wltoys A959 A959B A959-B battery?

This remote control car factory uses a 18650 lithium battery with a voltage of 7.4V, a capacity of 2000mah, and a discharge coefficient of 15c. Lithium batteries have the advantages of fast discharge speed, lightweight, fast recharging speed, and safe use.

Install batery method:

If you want to upgrade the battery of this remote control car, you must buy a lithium battery with a voltage of 7.4V and a discharge coefficient of 15C. The important thing is to say it again, choose a lithium battery. The battery capacity can be larger, such as the 2200mah and 3000mah batteries in our store.

If you want to upgrade a higher voltage, such as 3S, 11.1v lithium battery, you must replace the ESC, receiver and motor, steering gear, etc. If you need this, you can send an email to our store for a consultation.

Advantages of 18650 lithium battery:

  • 1. Wide range of use
    Widely used in various electronic equipment, such as notebook computers, walkie-talkies, portable DVDs, instruments, audio equipment, aviation models, toys, camcorders, digital cameras, etc.
  • 2. Series
    It can be combined in series or parallel to form a 18650 lithium battery pack.
  • 3. Low internal resistance
    The internal resistance of polymer batteries is smaller than that of ordinary liquid batteries. The internal resistance of household polymer batteries can even be less than 35mΩ, which greatly reduces the self-consumption of the battery. This kind of polymer lithium battery that supports large discharge current is an ideal choice for remote control models, and it has become the most promising product to replace Ni-MH batteries.
  • 4. No memory effect
    No need to empty the remaining power before charging, easy to use.
  • 5. High voltage
    The voltage of 18650 lithium battery is usually 3.6V, 3.8V, and 4.2V, which is much higher than the 1.2V voltage of nickel-cadmium and nickel-hydrogen batteries.
  • 6. High safety performance
    18650 lithium battery has high safety performance, non-explosive, non-combustible; non-toxic, non-polluting, RoHS trademark certification; cycle times greater than 500 times; good high-temperature resistance, discharge efficiency up to 100% at 65 degrees. To prevent the battery from short-circuiting, the positive and negative electrodes of the 18650 lithium battery are separated. Therefore, the possibility of its short circuit has been minimized. A protective plate can be added to avoid overcharging and over-discharging the battery, which can also extend battery life.
  • 7. Long life
    The 18650 lithium battery has a long service life, and the cycle of life can reach more than 500 times in normal use, which is more than twice that of ordinary batteries.
  • 8. Large capacity
    The capacity of 18650 lithium battery is usually between 1200mah~3600mah. If 18650 lithium batteries are combined to form a 18650 lithium battery pack, the 18650 lithium battery pack can easily exceed 5000mah.

How to choose the right battery?

1) First of all, it depends on the voltage, the voltage must be the same.

2) Secondly, look at the material, whether it is a lithium battery, if it is a NiMH or NI-CD battery, it will not work, because the charger cannot charge it.

3) then it depends on the corresponding battery discharge coefficient. Generally, a remote control car needs a discharge rate of at least 15C. If a higher discharge rate, such as 20C, 25C, is also possible, the speed of the remote control car will be even greater, but due to the total battery capacity Is fixed, the faster the discharge speed per unit time, the shorter the driving time.

4 Finally, it depends on the battery size. The size can be put in or fixed in the car.

How to install the battery parts?

The disassembly and assembly of the battery are actually very simple. You see that the battery of this remote control car has a red T-shaped plug. When disassembling, you only need to unplug the plug. Then disassemble the body shell, and then remove the strap, you can remove it, The same is true when installing, just put it in and fix it.

How to charge the battery parts?

How to charge the lithium battery correctly?

①The lithium battery does not need to be fully charged for 3 hours for the first time. This is what the old Ni-MH battery needs to do. The batteries used in current remote control toys are mostly lithium-ion batteries or polymer lithium batteries. It needs to be charged as usual, and the battery full indicator light is on.

②From a safety point of view, do not cover anything on the lithium battery when charging and do not put it on the bed to avoid fire. In addition, try not to answer the phone when charging, because the electromagnetic radiation of the charging mobile phone will be relatively large./

③The lithium battery does not need to be activated by a special method. The lithium battery will be naturally activated when the electric vehicle is driving. Lithium batteries have no memory effect, so there is no need to deliberately deep charge and discharge activation.

④Avoid high-temperature charging. Do not charge in an environment where the temperature exceeds 40°. High temperatures will reduce the battery's capacity. Try to choose a cool and ventilated environment, too hot and humid environment is not conducive to the charging state, but also damage the battery and reduce the life of the charger.

⑤The lithium battery pack should be charged as it is used as much as possible to avoid recharging after the battery is under voltage every time. This can greatly improve the battery life and make the battery in a shallow cycle state so that the battery life will be extended.

⑥ Please use the charger from the original manufacturer or a brand with a good reputation. Use the special charger for lithium battery, and follow the instructions, otherwise, the battery will be damaged or even dangerous.

How to install the wltoys A959 A959B A959-B wheels Tires and Upgrade Larger wheels?

First, we carefully observe that there is a hexagonal nut on the outer center of the remote control car tire, which is about M3 size. We use a wrench to remove this nut.

Next, pull out the tires of the remote control car. After pulling it out, you will find a hexagonal wheel seat in the center of the inner side of the tire, and there are bolts inside the hexagonal wheel seat. Just take them out together.

Then put on a new tire, fix the hexagonal wheel and bolts on the inner side and install the tire, and then fix the M3 nut on the outer side of the tire with a wrench. This completes the disassembly and installation of the tire.

How to Upgrade the wltoys A959 A959B A959-B brushless version?

Before explaining the method, let's first understand the advantages of upgrading the brushless system:
As we all know, the original factory has a brush motor. Whenever a brush motor runs at high speed for some time, it will be very hot, and then it will burn out after running at high-speed many times. The life span is relatively short. It is not suitable for long-term operation, and it needs cooling and rest to play.

After upgrading the brushless system, the brushless motor can support long-term high-speed operation, and the playing time can be greatly extended. The colleague's brushless motor has more power and is faster, and it can be more exciting to experience the feeling of high speed when playing.

For familiar model lovers, upgrading to brushless is a simple matter, but for novices, still don’t know what to do?
it's really easy. To upgrade the brushless system, we only need to have the following equipment. Support the receiver and remote control of the brushless system, brushless motor, matching ESC, matching servo. Gears of brushless motors. Just have these few.

Then friends will ask how to install a brushless system?
We only need to remove the original manufacturer’s brushed motor and replace it with the brushless motor provided on our package, the receiver that supports the brushless system, match the upgraded servo, and the ESC. The installation position is arbitrary, as long as it is firmly fixed inside the car without falling.

How to Mods the wltoys A959 A959B A959-B upgrades parts?

Many parts of this high-speed remote control car are made of plastic. For model enthusiasts, it is indeed possible to upgrade the metal parts to upgrade the car's grade and improve its resistance to fall and wear. Extend the service life of the remote control car. Colleagues are more beautiful.

At the same time, we can extend the driving time and playing time of the remote control car by optimizing better batteries, such as increasing the battery capacity.

We can also improve the driving speed and driving time of the remote control car by upgrading the internal electronic equipment, such as upgrading to a brushless system.

The Upgrade metal parts for the A959 A959B A959-B RC Car
The differential, swing arm, C-seat, shock absorber, tie rod, tire, and battery of this remote control car can all be upgraded.

The Upgrade equipment device
For upgrading equipment, we can buy the upgraded brushless motors, brushless ESCs, brushless receivers, and remote controls from our store. An upgraded version of metal gear steering gear, etc.

The upgrade tools for wltoys A959 A959B A959-B
For tools, we can purchase wrenches, screws, and installation platforms to improve the convenience of maintenance and disassembly of the remote control car.

Wltoys A959 A959B A959-B Parts and Upgrade Parts list

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Detailed product parameters for the Wltoys A959 A959B A959-B RC Truck

Model: A959-B
Name: 1 to 18 electric four-wheel drive off-road vehicle
Product size: 24.5*17.5*9.4CM
Color box size: 29*21*21CM (e-commerce box)
Carton size: 60*43*44CM (e-commerce box)
Gross net weight: 14/12.8KG (e-commerce box)
Packing number: 8 (e-commerce box)
Color: green
Product material: PA
Use time: 6-10 minutes
Charging time: 2 hours
Remote control distance: more than 100 meters
Body battery: 7.4V 1500MAH
Remote control mode: 2.4G remote control
Drive motor: 540 brush motor
Charging device: USB charging (all new ones are now changed to USB charging)

Wltoys A959 A959B A959-B FAQ

Question: Do the wltoys A959 A959B A959-B waterproofs?

Most of the equipment of this remote control car is waterproof, which can drive in less watery terrain. At that time, if the water is too deep, try to avoid using it. Avoid the battery plug, etc., from touching water and burning the remote control car.

Question: How long is it usable until the charge?

When this remote control car is driving at full capacity, it can last about 6-10 minutes. If you upgrade to 1500mah, it can take 9 to 14 minutes. So you can buy more spare batteries. If one battery is dead, you can replace another battery.

Question: Is there only one battery in the package or there is two?

The original remote control car comes with a lithium battery inside. It has been installed in the remote control car, you can directly connect and use it after receiving the goods.

Question: what spare batteries do people recommend for this car.

We recommend that this remote control car can use the upgraded version of 1500mah battery can greatly improve the driving time, experience more lasting driving pleasure.

Question: Can it run stock on 3S lipo?/

The remote control car produced by the original factory does not support a 3S battery and will burn out. If you have to modify the 3S 11.1v battery, you need to upgrade the receiver board, remote control, motor, and ESC, steering gear. use.

Question: Since this has an upgraded battery included, is it premodified to fit the larger battery? or do we still need to modify it ourselves?

This remote control car can support a 7.4V lithium battery by default. As long as the size can be put down or fixed, you can use a larger capacity lithium battery. Note that the discharge factor is preferably 15C, the voltage should be 7.4V, and the material should be lithium battery.

Wltoys A959 A959B A959-B Reviews

1 The transformation is very nice and fun. It is very competitive and requires hard training. Thank you Tang Seng and Nezha for their patient answers. Looking forward to the follow-up comprehensive development of land, sea and air! ! !
2 I received the baby, I really like it. After receiving it, my son can't wait to start playing. It is simple to operate, strong and durable. It can be used visually for several years, and it can be used for a long time after charging. Would recommend it to friends around me.
3 The red car shell is so handsome. I used drift tires. After half an hour of playing, I was a bit more hands-on. Things are very good, and the owner is very nice after sales.
4 For the birthday gift for my son, the seller has changed the metal parts, which are very strong, of good quality, and very playful. They will also repurchase other styles.
5 The drift car speed is really super fast. The boss of the car shell gave a sticker to himself for diy fun.
6 It's fun to play, it doesn't break after playing for a long time, it's durable and resistant to falling. Shipment is also fast.
7 I bought the toy car and gave it to my son. It is really good. The kids love it very much. The quality is very good, and the car is big and cool. The remote control speed is quite fast. The one I bought was red, and many people asked the thief every time I drove out.
8 I have never played with this type of remote control car before. After I started it, I just said "Fragrant". It drifted very coolly. The slow motion is very sensational. It is also good to play with the children in the community after dinner.
9 The remote control car was received very well. Both the speed and quality control are in place. The drift is so cool. I have an extra car shell, which is very handsome. I also gave a sticker. The car shell can be changed to play hahaha. The customer service Nezha is very patient, he will help you answer any questions about the product carefully
10 I have been playing with the car for several days. I have always wanted to buy a better remote control car and enjoy it. It is really good, much better than a few hundred yuan. Tube cool, tube irritating. I bought a nylon chassis, and I feel a bit regretted not buying a metal chassis.
11 This is the second one. The first one is super easy to use. I also took one for my girlfriend. It's really awesome.
12 I forgot to take photos. I used to play with my nephew, but I tried it and I can use this car to play games. The horsepower is too much. It's really enjoyable. I don't want to give it to my nephew. I keep it for myself.
13 There is a lot of sand on the field. It’s too slippery to use drift tires. I can only change to road tires. It’s so fun. Racing becomes drifting. Only one video can be uploaded. I’ll take a slow motion later. It’s really cool when I type it out. I bought the top-equipped full-metal version. The speed is up to 90 yards. I don’t dare to play at full throttle, only half-throttle. It’s already very exciting.
14 I bought it on the recommendation of a friend. The car is super handsome. You can adjust the gears. You need to explore it yourself. The customer service is very patient. After getting started for a while, try to see a better configuration.
15 It’s not the first time I bought it. I don’t need to say whether it’s good or not. Only good things are worth buying multiple times. It’s really cool and it’s too exciting to play. Return to the picture in a few days.
16 I received the car. The logistics speed is very fast. I tried it with a full charge. The car ran very fast and drifted. I have always wanted to buy a toy car with a larger charge that can drift, but I finally bought it this time.
17 After shopping for a long time, I chose this one. The customer service is very enthusiastic. There are questions and answers before the sale. The arrival is unexpectedly good. The remote control is very sensitive and the speed is very fast. The workmanship is also very good. I am very satisfied.
18 The car is really good, the reaction is very sensitive, training, can drift, has a strong playability, you can drag racing with friends. High cost performance, the material upper shell is soft and resistant to crash..