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Wltoys 144001 Brushless set-Upgrade Brushless motor+ ESC+Motor gear +Receiver + Transmitter-70km/h

Wltoys 144001 Brushless set Youtube vedio

Wltoys 144001 Brushless set-Upgrade Brushless motor+ ESC+Motor gear +Receiver + Transmitter-70km/h

This is the Wltoys 144001 Brushless set, it includes the Upgrade Brushless motor, ESC, Motor gear, Receiver Board, and the Transmitter, its speed is about 70km/h. It can run so fast very strong power with a long time, not like the Brushl version.The Brush version can only run 8-15 minutes. Even if you run long with a Second battery, the Brush motor will burn. And this upgrade parts can perfectly solve this problem. It can make your Racing Car run more time and The brushless motor will have more Service life.

Total you need buy as follow:

1) Upgrade P33 Receiver + P33 Transmitter  (If you have the P33 Transmitter or Receiver ,you do not need to buy this parts )

2) Upgrade Brushles motor (3650kv) + Upgrade Steel motor gear with screws

3) Upgrade Servo

4) 130A ESC


Common question

1) Can Official Wltoys 144001 Transmitter control this upgrade brushless set ?

Answer : No,it can only use the P33 Transmitter and P33 Reciver 


2) Can use 2s or 3s battery for this Upgrade Brushless set ?

 Answer: This upgrade Brushless set we have test ,we suggest use 2S battery , if 3S battery will too hot ,and the motor or ESC maybe burn

3) Max speed for this upgrade Brushless set ?

 Answer: about 70km/h

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These Parts are used for the Wltoys 144001 RC Car Buggy, Wltoys 1/14 High-Speed Racing Car

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