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WLtoys 144002 Parts,Wltoys 144002 Upgrade Parts RC Car Mods Battery Reviews.

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What is the wltoys 144002 RC Car?

wltoys 144002 RC car is a 1/14 scale RC racing car. This remote control car is medium in size and suitable for driving on most terrains. The interior of the remote control car basically uses a metal frame, metal bearings, and a metal transmission shaft for full-scale remote control. This remote control car supports infinitely variable speed, and the speed can be adjusted at will.

When the throttle trigger is large, the driving speed is fast. When the class range of the throttle is small, the driving speed is small. The same is true for steering control. The greater the rotation range of the steering knob, the greater the rotation angle of the car. Conversely, if the steering knob rotates in a small range, the angle of the wheel rotation will also be small.

The size of this remote control car is 31*24*14cm. The size of the color box is 41.5*25.5*14.5cm. No Matter the Chassis or the tires, They are carefully selected through a series of high-quality materials with higher toughness and wear resistance. The Body is made of the Hight Strength aluminum alloy with strong stability.


The receiving board inside this remote control car is made waterproof, so you can play in places where there is not much water.

The top speed

The original brushed motor of this remote control car has a powerful power output and a limit speed of up to 50km/h. The motor is 550 Carbon Brush Strong Motor. Powerful. The disadvantage is that his torque is relatively small. If you want to upgrade to a climbing car, you have to change to a more torque motor such as 540. And put on bigger and wider wheels.

Brake function.

This remote control car has a brake function. When you press backward when you are entering, it will break. The effect is very good. When you press back on the remote control a second time, the car is going back.

Hardware hydraulic shock absorber

This remote control car adopts a hardware hydraulic shock absorber, which has an obvious shock absorption effect and improves the stability of driving speed. Four-wheel independent shock absorber system.using hardware oil chock absorber, can effectively reduce the vibration when driving at high speed, make the ride smooth, meet obstacles that can effectively reduce the impact force, and adaptable to multiple terrains.

The principle of hydraulic shock absorber:

The hydraulic shock absorber is an important damping component on the primary suspension and secondary suspension of locomotives (diesel locomotives, electric locomotives), metro vehicles, urban light rail vehicles, and high-speed Dao highway large passenger vehicle bogies (bridges). It relies on the reciprocating movement of the stretched and compressed piston rods to form a hydraulic damping force to achieve the purpose of damping. It has a good damping effect and a flexible damping effect. It improves the stability and comfort of locomotives and vehicles at high speeds. The key component of safety.

The hydraulic shock absorber is characterized in that it is provided with a dust cover assembly, a telescopic dust cover, a piston rod sealing assembly, a damping valve, a piston rod guide seat, a piston rod, a pressure cylinder, a piston, an oil guide pipe, a bottom valve assembly, Oil storage cylinder components, spherical rubber joints. The dust cover assembly is welded to the spherical rubber joint. The telescopic dust cover is installed on the piston rod seal assembly. The piston rod seal assembly is installed on the piston rod guide seat. The damping valve and the oil pipe are installed on the piston rod guide seat. The piston rod is screw-locked and connected, the bottom valve assembly is installed at the bottom of the oil storage cylinder, and the oil storage cylinder assembly is welded to the spherical rubber joint.


1. Stable dynamic performance, asymmetry rate of tension, and compression is less than 10%.
2. Wear resistance, a non-metallic wear-resistant ring is installed between the cylinder and the piston to avoid the friction caused by the movement between metals.
3. No noise, adopting liquid single circulation high-pressure jet damping structure.
4. The damping stiffness and natural frequency are high, and the vibration reduction effect can be achieved with a small stroke.
5. Good durability, using high-performance wear-resistant materials, maintenance-free for 500,000 kilometers.
6. Good sealing performance, reasonable sealing structure, and high-quality sealing elements.
7. Reliable performance and best safety.
8. It is extremely convenient to disassemble, adjust and maintain, and the damping force can be adjusted according to needs.
9. Good dustproof performance, with three dustproof structures, which effectively protects the normal operation of the piston rod for a long time.
10. Better cost performance.

Zinc alloy gear

Differentials and gears are made of zinc alloy, which is strong and wear-resistant. High-temperature resistance. Compared with general plastic gears, zinc alloy gears have higher strength and significantly improved durability.

Metal Bearings

The front steering cup is inside and outside, and the rear wheel seat is made of metal bearings, which can make the car run more smoothly and reduce resistance.

Full metal chassis

with a cool appearance and an all-metal chassis, this exquisite workmanship gives you a different experience


2.4GHZ remote control system

Wireless remote control, longer distance, better experience. the control distance is up to 100 me0ters.

What is the difference between the 144001 and 144002 RC Car Parts ?

First of all, 144002 is a different style developed by 144001. It is a new model launched in August 2021. The overall size and internal structure are basically the same as those of 144001. From the appearance, the overall color is a green Bigfoot model. Let’s briefly explain the difference between 144002 and 144001.

1. The maximum speed is different.

The 144001 is a brushless version with a maximum speed of 60-70km/h.. And Wltoys 144002'maximum speed is 50-60km/h.

2. Tires are different


From the appearance point of view. 144002 is more like a climbing car, with a higher hull. The armor is stronger. The tire size is also wider and larger than the 144001 tire. The distance between the wheels is wider. These series of changes can adapt to the needs of different players for racing styles. At the same time, it is more suitable for steep and uneven roads. Increase the variety of options for players to purchase.

Wltoys 144002 Parts and Upgrade Parts list

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Wltoys 144002 Reviews

1 The product has been received. Super fun. Fun. You can flick your tail, you can cross-country, and you can play on any terrain. ,not picky. Sometimes it rains outside, and I can play even in the underground parking lot (be careful)! Very satisfied~ The power consumption at full speed is relatively fast, and it is difficult for novices to control! It's fun anyway.

2 Getting started with metal chassis with perfect scores~ After the operation, I will comment on the video because I am not familiar with the operation. Give more comments later

3 This is the second car I gave to my son. He already owned a 144001 before. The shape of this car is slightly different. Buy one more and play again. .