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The Video for the Wltoys WL917 RC Boat

Wltoys WL917 RC Racing Boat

We are very happy that Wltoys Factory has launched a remote control Jet ship WL917 in 2022.This product has a cool shape, and the streamlined shape can effectively reduce the resistance of sailing. The driving speed is about 16KM/H. The size of the entire hull is about 26*9.8*8CM. The size of the outer color box is about 32*12.5*21CM. The following are its characteristics:
1 The power of the hull is propelled forward by means of jet water, which can sail in shallow water areas. The hull battery adopts 7.4V 800mAh 10C lithium battery. Powerful and safe to charge. Sailing time is about 11 minutes. Charging time is about 120 minutes.
2 The propeller is installed inside the hull, and the bow has anti-collision protection, which greatly improves the life and safety of the remote control boat. Reduced chance of propeller impact damage. Make the remote control boat play in different scenes. Such as swimming pools, shallow water areas and sea areas.
3 The steering of this product adopts a full-scale steering gear, which is sensitive to steering. At the same time, the receiving board has a low voltage return function. It can send an alarm signal to the remote control when the battery is low. In this way, when we receive the alarm, we can drive the boat back within 1 minute as soon as possible.
4 The top of the water jet boat has cool LED lights. You can also play easily at night.

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    Wltoys WL917 FAQ

    Question: Do the Wltoys WL917 waterproofs?

    Most of the equipment of this remote control Boat is waterproof.

    Question: How long is it usable until the charge?

    When this remote control Boat is driving at full capacity, it can last about 8-14 minutes. At the same time, since this remote control boat is brushless, the high-speed operation of the motor has a very long life. So it is recommended to buy more batteries to replace. In this way, your sailing time can be increased several times in an instant.

    Question: Is there only one battery in the package or there is two?

    The original remote control Boat comes with a lithium battery inside. It has been installed in the remote control Boat, you can directly connect and use it after receiving the goods.

    Question: Can it run stock on 3S lipo?/

    The remote control Boat produced by the original factory does not support a 3S battery and will burn out. If you have to modify the 3S 11.1v battery, you need to upgrade the receiver board, remote control, motor, and ESC, steering gear. use.

    Question: Since this has an upgraded battery included, is it premodified to fit the larger battery? or do we still need to modify it ourselves?

    This remote control Boat can support a 11.1V lithium battery by default. As long as the size can be put down or fixed, you can use a larger capacity lithium battery. Note that the discharge factor is preferably 10C, the voltage should be 11.1V, and the material should be lithium battery.

    Wltoys WL917 RC Boat Reviews

    1 I bought a high-speed Boat and a brushless speedboat from Wltoys this time. The quality of the big brand is good, and the aircraft of this brand is also very good before. The store service is very good, the delivery is fast, and the reply is timely.

    2 Very satisfied with the packaging. My 12-year-old baby is just right to play this. I was very excited when I received it. It was fun to try it. I will try it on a bigger pond when I have time.

    3 The after-sales service attitude is good, the speed is fast, the things are good, and the children are very happy. I like it very much.

    4 I have already played, and I forgot to shoot the video. It's fun, fast, and good quality; Easy to organize: very simple Baby features: easy to control and fast

    5 Unpack the box and launch the water. The bait has not arrived. When the bait arrives, go fishing. The load is not bad, and the stone is loaded and the nest is fixed. Hahaha

    6 It's easy to get started. If you are not familiar with it at the beginning, you can drive directly to the shore. This is a good job of turning the hull.

    7 3 years old and above should be able to play! It must be launched in the water! A very good sense of training direction, the opportunity motor is very strong and powerful

    8 This boat looks great. The main reason for choosing it is its security. Because the propeller is built in. So it will not scratch the skin of children. Hit rocks are also reduced. Damage to the propeller after the reef. At the same time the speed is average. So you can play in the pool for family gatherings and in the creeks with many reefs. Excellent.

    9 I bought a remote control boat and gave it to my husband. After receiving the boat, I was very happy to explain to me what the function of each part is. I was happy like a child. This birthday gift is okay. The man is always a teenager.

    10 The operability of the remote control boat is very sensitive, and the boat will not capsize when making sharp turns. After a lap, the motor will not heat up. I like this product very much.

    11 The sunset is infinitely good. It’s better to sail and run. The sensitivity of this remote control boat is high. It will pass and the water splash is high. Make an appointment with your friends in two days to see how fast you can run. The battery is not fun, it seems that I still have to pay one more piece to play.

    12 The boat is very powerful, runs very fast, and is responsive to operation.

    13 It's much bigger than an ordinary remote-controlled boat. I went for a lap in the afternoon and it was super fast. The pond is too small and there is no room for operation. I will go to the reservoir and try it another day. Very satisfied, almost as I thought.

    14 A very good boat. I went to the reservoir and ran a lap. It was very fast and very windy. The seller's explanation is also very detailed, there will be a little water ingress, but it will not affect it. The remote control distance is still very far, and it feels like it's in the middle, but I don't dare to go too far for fear that I won't come back, hahahahaha.