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Wltoys XK K127 Eagle Parts list Upgrade XK K127 RC Helicopter Parts,Mods Battery Reviews.

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Wltoys Eagle XK K127 Video on the Youtube

What is the Wltoys XK K127 RC Helicopter?

Since the birth of Wltoys V911, the single-propeller small remote control aircraft has been loved by the majority of model enthusiasts, and V911-1 V911-2 V911S V950 have been successively launched.
Today The Wltoys Factory launched the latest four-Channel single propeller aileronless remote control aircraft XK K127. Here is a brief introduction to it:
1 This aircraft has its own air pressure setting system inside. Flying is simpler, more stable and more precise than before. For example, when you push and pull the friends button and let go, the plane will automatically hover at the height you just flew, you don't need to worry about it at all, and you only need to control the steering direction of another lever. It is very suitable for novice players and all kinds of entry-level players.
2: Flybarless design Flybarless design, using aerodynamic principles to design the blades to provide strong power and body self-stability. Simple 4-channel design with 6-axis gyroscope.
3 This aircraft has a rotor diameter of 25.3 cm, a fuselage length of 28 cm, a height of 8.3 cm, and a width of 6 cm. The weight of a single bare aircraft is 49.3g when the battery is included.
4 This remote control aircraft comes with a 3.7V 400MAH lithium battery inside. Lithium battery removal and installation are very easy. It only takes 35-40 minutes to charge, and it can fly around 15 to 20 minutes.
5 The transmission adopts 2.4GHZ remote control technology, and the remote control distance is as high as 80-100 meters. At the same time, this remote control can be set to switch between left-hand and right-hand mode. The remote control is a 4-channel remote control, with low voltage alarm, large and small rudder quantity conversion functions. Specially equipped with the aircraft hovering mid-point setting, enter the setting mode.
The 6-tail motor is connected with a detachable plug, which is convenient for customers to replace.
Overall, this aircraft is very suitable for beginners to use the model players.

How to choose the Wltoys XK K127 parts?

First of all, all parts of this remote control Helicopter can be replaced, and it is very convenient to disassemble and install. Familiar ones can be purchased directly on this site according to the pictures.
If you are unfamiliar, see the parts diagram in the manual. Purchase according to the corresponding model inside.
For detailed parts pictures, please refer to this link to open Wltoys XK K127 parts diagram.

Where to buy the Spare parts for the Wltoys XK K127 Helicopter?

Our remote control Helicopters are sold in many places around the world. You can buy it in physical stores, inject into Wal-Mart, model stores, or buy on Amazon
For accessories, it is recommended that you buy them directly from this site or online stores such as eBay and Amazon.

How to Repair the Wltoys XK K127 Battery parts?

what is the type of the Wltoys XK K127 battery?

This remote control Helicopter factory uses a 751844 lithium battery with a voltage of 3.7V, a capacity of 40mah, and a discharge coefficient of 15c. Lithium batteries have the advantages of fast discharge speed, lightweight, fast recharging speed, and safe use.

Install batery method:

If you want to upgrade the battery of this remote control Helicopter, you must buy a lithium battery with a voltage of 3.7V and a discharge coefficient of 15C. The important thing is to say it again, choose a lithium battery. The battery capacity can be larger, such as the 500mah and 600mah batteries in our store.

How to Mods the Wltoys XK K127 upgrades parts?

Many parts of this high-speed remote control Helicopter are made of plastic. For model enthusiasts, it is indeed possible to upgrade the metal parts to upgrade the Helicopter's grade and improve its resistance to fall and wear. Extend the service life of the remote control Helicopter.

At the same time, we can extend the driving time and playing time of the remote control Helicopter by optimizing better batteries, such as increasing the battery capacity.

We can also improve the driving speed and driving time of the remote control Helicopter by upgrading the internal electronic equipment, such as upgrading to a brushless system.

The Upgrade metal parts for the XK K127 RC Helicopter
The Main rotor blade clips,rotor head,Vertical wing and battery of this remote control Helicopter can all be upgraded.

The upgrade tools for Wltoys XK K127
For tools, we can purchase wrenches, screws, and installation platforms to improve the convenience of maintenance and disassembly of the remote control Helicopter.

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    WLtech Eagle XK K127 Reviews

    1 I am a beginner player, this aircraft is more intelligent than the previous remote control aircraft. Why do you say that? I just put down the throttle and let go, and the plane hovered where I just put the throttle. It's really great. In other aircrafts in the past, if the throttle is let go, the aircraft will naturally fall. Very suitable for our novice operation.
    1 Material introduction: The power is very good, the flight time is very long, a battery can fly for a long time, suitable for novices to fly, just start playing it for a while. It took more than 20 minutes to play with a battery.
    2 The aircraft responds very quickly. It is small in size and can be played indoors and outdoors. I like it very much.
    3 I just bought an airplane for my kid. It's black. It's really easy to control. My kid will learn it after a few strokes. The important thing is that this aircraft is very smart. My child can control the direction with one hand, and the plane is very stable.
    4 I prefer to use the acceleration mode. After the selection, the power is more powerful. This flybarless aircraft is indeed stable in flight. I tried some difficult maneuvers such as acceleration, roll, and dive, and they all succeeded.
    5 This aircraft is very smart, with a smart take-off button, it will take off automatically when you press it, and it will land automatically when you press this button again.
    6 Not bad, right? It flies very high. I use a plane to chase the birds flying in the sky. Haha. pretty fun.