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Wltoys XK A290 Parts F16 Fighter XK A290 RC Plane Parts Upgrade Battery Reviews

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What is the wltoys XK A290 RC Plane?

Wltoys XK A290 F16 Fighter RC Plane, RC AirPlane RC Glider. Its shape is based on the corresponding design of the F16 Raptor fighter. Streamlined design, fast-flying speed. Flexible steering. At the same time, this glider is 3 Channel, the flight time is about 10 minute for each battery. It is very suitable for the collection and play of aeromodelling and military model.

Why choose the XK A290 F16 Fighter RC Plane?

I am very pleased that Wltoys Factory has continued to launch a series of model gliders. This XK A290 is an upgraded version of the A200 series. Streamlined shape, stable flight.

1 This glider is a 2.4GHZ three-channel simulation glider. The built-in three-axis stabilized gyroscope can accurately lock the flight attitude. The control response is very sensitive and can easily make various stunts. Profit rolls, rushes, drops, etc., and moves in circles.

2 This body is light and drop resistant and has a stable structure. The weight of the whole machine is 76g, which greatly reduces the air resistance and improves the flight dynamics and flight time. The body adopts EPP material. , Is an environmentally friendly new type of pressure-resistant cushioning and thermal insulation material. It has a smooth appearance and is very impact-resistant. It is an important material for aircraft models.

3 The tail adopts 1020 brushless hollow cup motor. This brushless DC motor is composed of a motor body and a driver. When running at high speed, friction is greatly reduced. It runs very smoothly. At the same time, the sound is extremely small.

4 This flying chess also comes with a six-axis stabilization mode. In many situations, you can release the left-hand power lever, and the aircraft will automatically maintain a stable attitude for flight. The operation is very simple and suitable for players of all levels.

5 In terms of power, 3.7V 400MAH high-rate lithium battery is used. , The capacity is 100mah larger than the previous A200, and the flight time is about 10 minutes. The charging time is about 30 minutes.

6 The remote control distance has been further upgraded, with a remote control distance of up to 150 meters. Yes, the plane can fly to a higher altitude and experience the fun of flying.

In general, this glider has upgraded its flight altitude, flight maneuvers, and flight stability. highly recommended.

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    XK A290 RC Plane Reviews

    1 The plane is very high. Hello, there is a stability module inside it, which is what the seller said is a 6D gyroscope. The flight is very stable, as long as you let go after you fly into the sky, the plane can keep stable taxiing. The signal range is relatively good. I remember that the A200 is about 100 meters before, and this one has 150 meters. The battery lasted about 10 minutes. Overall, a flight of about 10 minutes is fun. I suggest you buy two or three batteries so that you can stay outside longer and reduce the waiting time between flights. The battery swapping in or out is very simple. At present, it is found that the propeller is not purchased separately in the kit, and it is suitable for the previously matched motor. It is estimated that the motors will continue to be upgraded in the future, so the propellers have not been purchased separately. Easy to match

    2 This remote control has three control flight modes. The logistics and design of the entire aircraft are perfectly integrated. It's great. I tried to fly in the beginner mode because the flight time is longer, although the flight speed will be reduced. I usually control the throttle at about 30% to 40%. This allows me to have more time to learn how to drive an airplane. Enjoy the fun of flying. Of course, I also tried the 3D mode, rolling, swooping and other actions, and the effect was good. After playing outdoors for a long time, I came to the conclusion that this is recommended to fly in calm or breezy conditions. If you encounter strong winds, such as 10-20+mph, you will be oncoming. I suggest you stop flying first, because often when the plane flies to an altitude of 100 meters or 120 meters, the wind speed will be higher and it is easy to lose. In addition, once you use the fast mode, his steering strength and sensitivity will be greatly enhanced. This fast mode is recommended for novices to use after a period of proficiency in flying, otherwise it is easy to control errors or damage the aircraft by crashing.

    3 This is what I bought for my 11 year old son. It comes in a box and you can take it with you when you go to the wild. It has a battery and can last for 10 minutes, you can buy more if needed. The charger is USB and can only charge one battery. This glider is small enough to fly on football and baseball fields. But my backyard is not big enough. . This glider is very sensitive to wind and can be used in light winds. If you encounter strong winds, I recommend turning on the fast mode, so that it has more power and can fight against strong winds. But in this way, it may consume more power.

    4 I am a master model aircraft for many years. Haha. The most common type of aircraft is lost at high altitude. Because children often make mistakes when they play with inexperience. I thought of a way. I left my phone number on the fuselage of the remote control plane. If it is lost in time, some kind people may pick up the phone and contact me to take it back.
    This plane is very durable! This is my son's first remote-controlled aircraft. It is very resistant to collisions. It has been flying perfectly for a few weeks, and I still use it. The replacement parts have not been used once, and they are still in the box. In addition, I have to say that the built-in gyroscope does help you maintain control while you study. A few days later, I switched it to fast mode and started to have more fun. Thinking that I am a professional now, I switched it to an expert and soon discovered that I am not an expert, haha.

    5 This aircraft is generally very resistant to impacts, but my child is still very naughty. He still hits trees and branches many times, with a small opening on the side. After I used foam glue to paste the mushrooms, it was as good as ever. Up. It can be used normally. So I suggest you all buy some foam glue and keep it at home for future use.

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    Where to buy the A290 RC Plane ?

    You can buy from the Amazon,ebay or our official wl-toys.com website. we can nearly ship all the world.