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SG 1603 RC Truck Parts SG1603 Upgrade Brushless Racing Truck Parts,SG 1/16 RC Car

SG 1603 Parts Racing SG1603 RC Racing Truck Parts,SG 1603 Upgrade Parts, SG 1603 Brushless 1/16 SG 1603 RC Car, Upgrade Metal parts for SG 1603 RC Car, SG 1603 ersatzteile, 1/16 SG 1603 Mods tuning, SG 1603 Battery, Brushless Motor, Trnasmitter, Receiver, Metal frame, SG 1603 Body shell cover, wheels, differential, diff lock, motor, servo.SG 1603 Manual and Reviews.

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Why choose SG 1603 SG1603 RC Racing Car

This is a high-speed remote control racing car produced by the SG RC factory. The model is SG1603.
1 If you want to use your remote control car with multiple functions at the same time, I strongly advise you to buy this car. It has 2 sets of tires, a set of racing tires for flat running, and a set of drifting tires for drifting action. Can be adapted to different terrains and competitive categories
2 The full length of this car is 30*14.5*10cm. Single weight 1.48KG (including the weight of the color box) adopts a 1:16 full-scale design. The internal motor adopts 380 strong magnetic brush motor with strong power. At the same time, you can upgrade to a brushless motor according to your needs, with faster speed and longer driving time.
3 This car's governor uses a 40A integrated ESC. Powerful, the brushed version is up to 35km/h. You can also easily upgrade to the brushless version of the remote control car, because the factory has developed supporting upgrade equipment, allowing you to easily upgrade to the brushless version, the speed of the brushless version is about 45km /h
4 The wheelbase is 121mm and the wheelbase is 168mm. The battery adopts 18650/ 7.4V 1200mAh lithium battery with strong power and the remote control time is about 20 minutes. You can also upgrade to a higher capacity battery to improve driving time and speed.
5 This car uses 2.4Ghz frequency remote control technology with a remote control distance of up to 80m.
6 This remote control car has obtained relevant certificates, such as FCC, EN71, ROHS and other certificates, and the quality is first-rate. You can buy with confidence.

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    SG 1603 SG1603 RC Car Reviews

    1 I bought it for my son, and the car comes with an esp. Sensitivity can be adjusted, with 3 4 channel control. The three-channel is to control the lights, and the cost performance is too high. I didn't expect the SG RC remote control car to develop so fast after several years of not playing.
    2 After comparing several companies, I finally chose the SG RC model. The customer service is responsible and enthusiastic. The car is cost-effective, the battery is durable, the car ratio is very good, the speed is very fast, the game is very good, and it is awesome. Above, good things are worth sharing with everyone.
    3 The quality is good and very high-end, not a common remote control car. It's so fast to play on the ground
    4 Very good. Going to the park led a group of children to chase the car, which made me unable to let go. As a result, I broke the lower arm and horn of the right front wheel. I bought more accessories as spare parts. Some change immediately.
    5 It's the first time to play drifting car. It's been almost 2 days of practice. Let's see how I'm drifting. This car is quite good, suitable for novices to practice into the pit. After practicing, buy a better one for fun.
    6 The quality is very good, the price ratio is quite good, the function is rich, and there are free drift tires, praise, praise
    7 This 1:16 car can be said to be very cost-effective. I thought that the brushed motor was not fast, but I didn't expect the power to be amazing. Moreover, the car feels very strong in appearance, play, or in the hand. The three-speed control and body stability of the belt are also more practical. The first time I have encountered drifting and running, I still don't know how to drift, but it's easy to get started. It is recommended that the drift tires on the wooden floor and solid wood floor in the home should not be put on casually, because the drifting plastic tires on the floor are good, but the car is wide, and the car shell can only be used by the original factory, hoping to get some pulling force Or the drifting simulation case. Overall, the car is very good, and more than 300 are also worth the price.
    8 The car is very fun, two sets of tires, but the method of drifting has not yet been mastered, I hope the seller can give some drifting tutorials
    9 The age of use is over 8+ years old. It is easier to organize. Baby features: handsome and cost-effective. Material introduction: The shell material is general,and you need to use the internal glass glue or fiber tape. Four-wheel drive + fourth channel control light + differential + Alloy dog bones + 2.4G + two sets of tires + 380 motor (although with brush)+ 45km +speed + ESP body stabilization system.