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SG 1604 RC Truck Parts SG1604 Upgrade Brushless Racing Truck Parts,SG 1/16 RC Car

SG 1604 Parts Racing SG1604 RC Racing Truck Parts,SG 1604 Upgrade Parts, SG 1604 Brushless 1/16 SG 1604 RC Car, Upgrade Metal parts for SG 1604 RC Car, SG 1604 ersatzteile, 1/16 SG 1604 Mods tuning, SG 1604 Battery, Brushless Motor, Trnasmitter, Receiver, Metal frame, SG 1604 Body shell cover, wheels, differential, diff lock, motor, servo.SG 1604 Manual and Reviews.

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Why choose SG 1604 SG1604 RC Racing Car

This is a high-speed remote control racing car produced by the SG RC factory. The model is SG1604.
1 If you want to use your remote control car with multiple functions at the same time, I strongly advise you to buy this car. It has 2 sets of tires, a set of racing tires for flat running, and a set of drifting tires for drifting action. Can be adapted to different terrains and competitive categories
2 The full length of this car is 298X145X87mm. Single weight 1.48KG (including the weight of the color box) adopts a 1:16 full-scale design. The internal motor adopts 380 strong magnetic brush motor with strong power. At the same time, you can upgrade to a brushless motor according to your needs, with faster speed and longer driving time.
3 This car's governor uses a 40A integrated ESC. Powerful, the brushed version is up to 35km/h. You can also easily upgrade to the brushless version of the remote control car, because the factory has developed supporting upgrade equipment, allowing you to easily upgrade to the brushless version, the speed of the brushless version is about 45km /h
4 The wheelbase is 121mm and the wheelbase is 168mm. The battery adopts 18650/ 7.4V 1200mAh lithium battery with strong power and the remote control time is about 20 minutes. You can also upgrade to a higher capacity battery to improve driving time and speed.
5 This car uses 2.4Ghz frequency remote control technology with a remote control distance of up to 80m.
6 This remote control car has obtained relevant certificates, such as FCC, EN71, ROHS and other certificates, and the quality is first-rate. You can buy with confidence.

SG 1604 SG1604 Parts Accessories list

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    SG 1604 SG1604 RC Car Reviews

    1 Genuine four-wheel drive, super soft shell (strong) anti-collision beam! It’s much better than I expected. The appearance is high, and there are many car accessories. It is not a car that is broken at one time. All accessories can be replaced. The seller will give you free accessories. It’s really great, a five-star recommendation!
    2 The car is much better than expected. The material and workmanship are impeccable, and the shape is also very beautiful. It is especially worth mentioning that the anti-collision and the sensitivity of the remote control have been tried many times.
    3 The car is great, the price is high, and the cement road can be adapted to it. It is unavoidable even if sand and gravel enter. The body is very durable and crash-resistant. If you drift, it is recommended to drift indoors! After all, it is not an off-road vehicle, so I am satisfied with a shopping!
    4 The car is received, the power is sufficient, the son is very happy to play, the operation is also very simple and easy to use, drifting is fun, it is necessary to practice, and exercise the children's hands-on ability is also very good!
    5 I bought it for my nephew as a birthday gift. He likes it so much. I also tried it myself. The motivation is not bad. It is more cost-effective than buying in the mall. The gift box is very face-free, and you can get it!
    6 Applicable age: The baby has received it. I can’t wait to open the package. It’s better than expected. The baby is just three years old. It’s a bit poorly controlled and keeps bumping. Fortunately, it’s more resistant. My neighbors and friends are also clamoring to buy the same model. Share the link.
    7 In all aspects, I feel that it is worth the money, the packaging is reliable, and the quality of the car is good. Recommend
    8 The delivery speed is fast, the remote control car is very handsome, there are two sets of tires that can be replaced, and the battery can also be replaced. It is safe and more reliable.
    9 Applicable age: No matter how old you like it. Ease of sorting: simple and easy. Baby features: Boys like to send boyfriends very much. He likes it every day. He loves to put it down. There are problems in the middle of the night. There was a place that broke down and told the boss to reissue the accessories. The boyfriend said that he had to give a good comment. Hey, those who want to buy it can also start after-sales.
    10 Very good. I just adjusted the car. I found that if all four wheels of the car are equipped with drift tires, the grip is not enough and the power consumption is extremely high. So I cross-assembled ordinary tires and drift tires. Then it becomes grippy and can float again. But I estimate that this will cause a lot of loss to the car. I estimate that the wrench that I sent will slip after changing it a few more times, but because it is a lifetime warranty, I just ask the store to send me one. Send me a lot of accessories: three sets of tires, a rear wing, and a front bumper with white lights. For me, the steering angle of this car is not enough. But because it is equipped with drift tires, it can still drift.