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Wltoys F949 Parts Cessna 182 Wltoys F949 RC Plane Parts Upgrade Battery

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Wltoys F949 Cessna 182 Vedio on the Youtube

What is the wltoys F949 RC Plane?

This is a 3-channel remote control glider produced by Weili. The exterior design is based on the appearance of Cessna 182. Well known. Cessna 182T (English name: Cessna 182T) is a powerful aircraft with excellent short-term tourism capabilities. The Cessna 182T has a classic monoplane design with a long history. During the flight, the pilot can fully appreciate the many advantages brought by the upper monoplane design, including the stability of the fuselage, large field of view, anti-sunlight, and protection against bad weather And convenient cabin access and maintenance. Cessna 182T has a full range of outstanding combination features, thus becoming the most cost-effective single-engine aircraft in the world.

1 This glider is made according to the actual ratio of Cessna-182. It has a realistic appearance and excellent product details. The size of the aircraft's fuselage is 50*40cm, and the lithium battery capacity is 500 and 650 mA. Due to the reasonable aerodynamic design, the flight is stable, the gliding flip, turning and other movements are very smooth and beautiful.

2 The total weight of this product is 58 grams, and the aircraft material is made of EPP foam. The foam is flexible, the body is lighter than other gliders, more resistant to fall, and has a longer flight time. It is a very good choice for novices.

3 This glider uses 3 coreless motors. The combination of 3 motors at the same time makes the flight power stronger and faster. The internal battery uses a 3.7v 500mah 25c high-rate lithium battery with a battery life of up to 25 minutes.

4 The operation of this glider is very simple, whether it is a novice or people of different ages, it is very easy to learn. This glider has strong flight stability and good gliding effect, and can easily make somersaults and spirals.

5 Different players can switch the amount of rudder and rudder according to their preferences to make the aircraft control softer or more flexible. Or better adapt to different weather sites.

6 This glider is equipped with a dedicated USB charger, which can charge 2 batteries at the same time. The flight time is about 25 minutes. The total charging time = about 40-60 minutes. Because the remote control mode adopts 2.4GHZ frequency technology, the remote control distance is up to 200 meters. And it supports different players to play together at the same time, without mutual influence or interference.

Wltoys F949 Parts and Upgrade Parts Battery List

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F949 Product details discription

Product name: Three-channel remote control gliding aircraft
Product Code: F949
Product size: 40*35*10CM
Color box size: 54.5*21*12.5CM
Packing quantity: 8PCS (one box)
Product material: EPP flying weight: 58 grams
Flight time: about 25 minutes
Charging time: 40-60 minutes
Remote control mode: 2.4G
Remote control distance (m): 200 meters
Number of drive motors: 3 coreless motors
Battery details: 1 set of 3.7V (500MAH) lithium battery

Product full function:

1 Made in proportion to the real machine of Cessna-182, high simulation, fine appearance design highlights the product details.
2 Reasonable aerodynamic design.
3 Using 3 round coreless motors, the combined power is more powerful, 3.7v 500mah 25c high-rate battery, and the battery life is 25 minutes.
4 Using EPP material, the body is lighter and more resistant to fall.
5 Easy to control, strong stability, good gliding effect, can also easily make somersaults, spirals and other actions, especially suitable for beginners and intermediate players to fly.
6 Different players can switch between large and small rudders according to different environments or different control feels, making the aircraft control softer or more flexible.
7 Equipped with a dedicated USB charger, which can charge 2 batteries at the same time.

Product Accessory Include details:

Color box packaging*1
Remote control*1
USB charger*1
Wind leaf*1
Lithium battery*1

Wltoys F949 RC Plane Reviews

1 The child likes it very much and it is easy to operate. Fun and resistant to fall. The plane is easy to fly, and it is really resistant to explosions. There is nothing wrong with going straight down in such a field, but the o-ring loss is relatively large, and the propeller finds the ring and misses it. It is recommended to use 3s, 2s with weak legs. Praise.

2 Can everyone find the plane? This is the maximum altitude I can fly when power is almost out. As a novice practice machine, this is the most novice-friendly model I have ever bought. If you are inexperienced, it is recommended to find a larger place to explore.

3 Airplanes do work. There are mainly two flight modes, so you won’t get tired of playing. Outdoor sports are the first choice. The assembly is very simple and the quality is very good. It is the same as the one I bought at the toy wholesale, but the price is more affordable. It also comes with lights. The little nephew is sweating and he is not willing to let go and rest Good,Good,Good.

4 The glider was sent to me. The body is very light and elastic. The parts are intact. The installation signs are clearly marked on each part. It is easy to install according to the dress code. The child ran to chase the landing point of the plane. In the joyful game, the amount of exercise was unknowingly increased, and the physique was strengthened in the play. It is a very good physical and mental toy.

5 Applicable age: I personally think that you can play from four to fifteen or sixteen. Ease of arrangement: The installation is also very simple, just plug in the two wings, but it should be noted that you can not pull it hard at one end, you should *** slowly. Baby features: cheap and good quality, worth having.

6 The delivery is very fast, the packaging is tight, the quality is good when received, and the children can play at home. It is not so easy to break compared to the ones bought in the park. The children can play enthusiastically. I went out to fly and played for an afternoon without stopping. The colors are also beautiful, the price is cheap and the quality is good. This must be praised!

7 A very good airplane with a reasonable center of gravity design. I like its aerial flip and circle. It's cool. You don't need to run away to pick up the airplane.

8 Ben Daxian has to go to work and is very busy. He is busy shopping on Tmall, grabbing spikes and receiving express delivery.
So I will be lazy in the evaluation, so I imitate others to write this. Let me start with my comments. First I praise the customer service requested by the store, because he did not bother me from beginning to end, and of course I did not ask him questions. After shopping for so many years, there is no time to ask this and that. Buy it directly, return it if it's bad, keep it if it's good. Today, Ben Daxian gave you a good comment to prove that I recognized this baby. -This review comes from a busy man who has no time to write reviews.

Wltoys F949 Radio Control AirPlane Common Question

Question 1: How to take off ?

There are 2 methods: the first method is to use the throwing method to take off. You hold the glider with your right hand, and then press the throttle of the remote control with your other hand. After the propeller rotates steadily, use the right hand to forcibly throw the glider. . The second method is to take off directly on the ground. Personally recommend throwing by hand to reduce the wear and tear of the glider.

Question 2: Where to buy the Wl Toys F949 RC Plane ?

You can buy from the Amazon,ebay or our official wl-toys.com website. we can nearly ship all the world.