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Wltoys F959 Parts Sky King Wltoys F959 RC Plane Parts Upgrade Battery Reviews

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What is the wltoys F959 Sky King RC Plane?

This is the 3-channel RC Glider Wltoys F959 Sky King produced by Wltoys factory. There are 2 colors in total, orange and blue. This Glider adopts a streamlined structure design, with a graceful flying posture and low resistance. In terms of power, a propeller push-back design is adopted. It has strong power and stable flight, which is very suitable for aerodynamic layout. For beginners, it is very easy to get started. The control is simple and flexible.

1 The entire lateral wingspan of this glider is 750mm and the overall length is about 570mm. The flight time is as high as 15-25 minutes. The flight altitude has reached within 200 meters. The size of the color box is 580mmX270mmX140MM.

2 In terms of power, this glider propeller is folded. When the glider is taxiing, the propeller will be retracted, which can make the flight resistance small. Thereby extending the flight time and improving the stability of the flight. The transverse wing length is 750mm and the wings are wide. In order to ensure flight stability, we have installed carbon fiber rods to strengthen the stability of the transverse wing.

3 The weight of the entire glider is light, only about 100g. The internal material adopts the latest EPO material, which is soft and resistant to fall, smooth and beautiful in appearance. Folding propellers are used to retract the propellers during gliding, and the resistance is smaller. The wings are reinforced with carbon fiber rods.

4 In terms of power supply, this glider uses 7.4V 300MAH lithium batteries as power equipment. The discharge rate is about 15c. The battery is powerful and safe to charge and discharge. You can fly for 15-25 minutes with a charge of 30 minutes. When you are flying and playing, you can also spare a few more batteries, so that when the batteries are dead, you can directly disassemble and replace them with new ones to continue the battery life.

5 The remote control of this glider has the function of setting the amount of rudder. For beginners, you can choose a small amount of rudder. In this way, the flight speed, intensity, and amplitude will be slower. After being proficient, switch to large rudder for flying. You can easily make some somersaults, spirals and other aerobatics.

6 The receiving board of this glider is equipped with a high-precision steering gear, which makes the steering flexible and precise. . It is the heart and control center of the glider. It can control the normal flight of the rudder, elevator, and magnetic motors. If you buy an upgraded F959S glider, the receiving board also has a 6-axis gyroscope, which greatly increases the stability of the aircraft.

7 As for the motor, a high-performance N60 motor is used, which has long lasting power. long life. Note that this F959 glider motor is designed to tilt to the right intentionally. The purpose is to counteract the anti-torque. It is calculated after careful calculation. It's not a mistake. Remember.

8 This glider can also be equipped with a camera for aerial photography of high altitudes. Let you enjoy the fun of gliding + aerial scenery at the same time.

9 Note that the propeller tilting to the right is mainly to offset the anti-torsion force generated by the rotation of the propeller. It is the highlight of the design and is calculated after careful calculation. It is not installed crookedly. Right deviation is a normal phenomenon, mainly to offset the anti-torque force generated by the rotation of the propeller! Once purchased, you will agree to these terms by default, please know!

Wltoys F959 Parts and Upgrade Parts Battery List

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    How to fly with the Wltoys F959 Sky King Gliders ?

    Everyone has a heart to let their dreams fly since childhood. When you own this glider, you can experience the dream of childhood. Next, let's explain 3 common flying attitude skills.
    1 Gilde flying. This glider can spread its wings and fly high like an eagle. In the absence of wind, the glider can rely on its own weight to obtain forward power during the gliding flight. , So as to realize the gliding flight in the air.
    2 SOAR Flying. In the updraft. The glider can spread its wings for parallel flight or elevated flight like an eagle. Because he has a push-back motor and steering gear to control the steering.
    3 Rtation Flying. In high-altitude flight, we can control the tilt angle of the glider through the rudder, and then turn off the motor to allow the glider to hover through inertia.

    How to install the Sky King F959 RC Plane ?

    1 First, let's install the aircraft. Install the transverse wing of the aircraft on the main body of the aircraft, and then fix it with screws. 2 Next, install the landing gear pulleys. Some gliders need to install the rear wheels, so you must install the rear wheels. 3 Finally, open the battery cover under the main body, put the battery into the slot, and connect the battery and the plug-in connector of the receiving board. Then the plane is installed 4 Next, install the remote control, just open the back cover of the remote control and insert 6 AA batteries. Then you can start the flight of the glider.

    How to install the Camera Parts to the Sky King F959 RC Plane ?

    1 Pass the camera data cable through the spare head shell.
    2 Connect the data cable to the servo motherboard port in the engine room.
    3 Put the head shell on the main body.
    4 Fasten the machine cover and the corresponding card positions of the machine compartment.
    5 You need to prepare a double-sided tape with a length of 4cm. Paste the camera under the glider nose.
    This completes the installation of the camera.

    Sky King F959 Product details discription

    Model: F959S (with six-axis gyroscope version)
    Name: Three-channel back push high-speed glider
    Color: blue, orange
    Material: EPO
    Product size: wingspan 75cm length 57cm
    Color box size: 58*27*14CM
    Carton size: 60*60*56CM
    Packing number: 8
    Gross net weight: 10.6/8.2KG
    Bare metal weight: 100g
    Flight time is about 15 minutes
    Charging time: 30-40 minutes
    Remote control mode: 2.4G remote control
    Remote control distance (m): 200 meters
    Number of drive motors: 1 high-performance strong magnetic N60 motor
    Battery details: body 7.4V (300MAH) (included), remote control 4*1.5AA (not included)

    Details of accessories included with the product:

    color box packaging*1, body, wing*1 set, wing stiffening rod*1 remote control*1, manual*1, charger*1, adapter*1

    Product full function:

    1 Smooth appearance, push glider, reasonable aerodynamic layout, very stable flight, beginners can fly easily.
    2 Reasonable structure design, using folding propeller, propeller retracted when gliding, the resistance is smaller, and the wings are reinforced by carbon fiber rods.
    3 One-piece molding with new EPO material, smooth appearance and high impact resistance. The total weight is only 100g.
    4 Equipped with high-discharge rate battery, power flight is more than 10 minutes, and the empty time is more than 20 minutes.
    5 Lithium polymer special balance charging and equipped with adapter, charging time 30-40 minutes.
    6 The flight control adds a gyroscope to make the flight more stable. The remote control has a large and small rudder setting. The small rudder is suitable for beginners to fly, and the large rudder can easily make somersaults and spirals.

    Wltoys F959 Sky King RC Plane Reviews

    1 The child likes it very much and it is easy to operate. The quality of the plane is very good. I just bought it this afternoon and couldn't help but fly it. The distance is much farther than I thought. I like the store's stuff very much, and I will support it in the future!

    2 The baby has a good appearance, accelerates and flies steadily, and the overall control is relatively easy. The child likes it very much. The most important thing is that it is not easy to break??

    3 The plane is very good and resistant to falls. I was not familiar with the flying tree at the beginning. I got a branch on the wing, but it was all right. I was very satisfied with this shopping.

    4 A birthday gift for the child, I really like it! Flying in the fields on weekends and having fun

    5 The remote control plane is very good, the operation is very simple, and the children are full of fun. I would like to make a suggestion. It is best to install the wheel card holes smartly, which can be installed and detached, which is more convenient for storage. It is worth buying. And the performance of the fan-blade aircraft is worthy of this price.

    6 The price of this glider is very good as a novice, easy to operate and easy to use. Adults and children can play, and can basically get started in a short time

    7 The park has a particularly high return rate and is worth having. It is very fast and easy to operate. At first, I thought there was a problem. I asked the customer service and the battery was dead. I received a suggestion to charge it first.

    8 Overall, it is okay, not afraid of falling, it is easier to fly by hand throwing, the seller installs videos and tutorials, the service is very thoughtful, the price is reasonable, not bad.

    9 The plane is very resistant to falls, the child likes it very much, the flight is full of power, the son is very happy, the first flight is amazing, and he is still groping for practice. .

    10 I bought it for the first time and received it at night. I am generally satisfied. Fly to try it tomorrow, it's still pretty and worth buying.

    11 The delivery is fast, not bad, easy to get started, the flying distance is beyond imagination, the wheel is dropped and the seller is reissued again, the seller has a great attitude, and the child is happy.

    12 The son specified to buy it. I will play it when it arrives. I am very happy. I need to be familiar with it at first. The quality is generally good. I dropped it a few times without any problems. Flying at low altitude requires some skill, which is good.

    13 The aircraft is very lightweight and made of foam material and exquisite. It can be taken off by hand foaming and on the ground. Children like it very much. This is her most fun toy. Not long ago, I bought one that flew very high, but I couldn’t find it for children to play on the balcony of someone else’s home. The dual battery can play for a long time. It is suitable for playing in relatively open places such as parks. The design is simple and elegant, stylish and lightweight, and the packaging box is also Big and well protected

    14 I received the item. It was originally bought for the child, but I couldn’t wait to go to the community to play it once. It was fun! I didn't expect to fly so smoothly the first time I played. Many people in the community are very curious about this model aircraft.

    15 After using for a while, the quality is still good. After playing for a while, it is relatively easy to get started. It has not been broken many times. The single battery time is still shorter. Contact customer service to buy two more batteries, you can play smoothly. , Overall good. The plane is good! It's really resistant to falling! My baby fell twice when I got home! Very strong! It looks good too! Husband and children play together.

    16 Applicable age: over 6 years old, easy to organize: very simple Baby features: light, easy to use, easy to use, flying distance is still possible, the only drawback has nothing to do with the product: be careful not to fly to the roof, big trees or On the clothes pole, not so big in the city. The ones that didn't take off were mainly because the children didn't control well enough.

    Common Question for the Wltoys F959 Sky King Radio Control AirPlane

    Question 1: How to take off ?

    There are 2 methods: the first method is to use the throwing method to take off. You hold the glider with your right hand, and then press the throttle of the remote control with your other hand. After the propeller rotates steadily, use the right hand to forcibly throw the glider. . The second method is to take off directly on the ground. Personally recommend throwing by hand to reduce the wear and tear of the glider.

    Question 2: Where to buy the Wl Toys F959 RC Plane ?

    You can buy from the Amazon,ebay or our official wl-toys.com website. we can nearly ship all the world.