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Wltoys 12428 Upgrade Tires-large Much biger,can be used for Official 12428 car or with Lengthened combiner-12mm

This is the Upgrade Tires for the wltoys 12428 rc car. Many customers want to upgrade their 12428 Car to the RC Monster truck with the big wheels, which can make your car run more stable and not to Rollover. Because when the Speed is too fast, if the car has the small wheels tires, it may be Rollover. Not we strongly suggest you buy this Upgrade Big Tires. The price is very suitable .not expensive. description.


Wltoys 12428 Upgrade Tires-large Much bigger,can be used for Official 12428 car or with Lengthened combiner-12mm.

We have tested these tires, it can perfect be used for the WLtoys 12428 12423 Car, Also be used for FeiYue FY-03 Car.

The Upgrade Tires size :

The Upgrade Tires size is 107.60mm
The Upgrade Hub diameter is72.18mm
The Upgrade Tire Width is 53.35mm

The Original Tire size

The Original Tire diameter is 92.66mm
The OriginalHub diameter is 44.24mm
The Original Tire Widthis 31.45mm

These Parts are used for the Wltoys 12428 RC Car Buggy, cross country Wl toys 12428 1/12 High-Speed Racing Car

If you want to buy more parts for this 12428 RC Car,
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Wltoys 12428 Parts

Wltech Wltoys 12428 RC Racing Car Truck and Parts

Now, The Wltoys factory has produced 4 Series for the 12428 Car, which is the 12428, 12428-A,12428-B, and 12428-C.
The internal structure of these 4 products is roughly the same. These 4 cars' outer Body shell is different, and also only little inner parts are different.
So when you choose the parts accessories, like Tires, batteries, remote control, receiving board, hexagon nuts, screws, etc. can all be used in common.
Some special parts you can according to your Car Number to choose parts.

Wltoys 12428-A Parts for The Wltoys 12428-A RC Car

Wltoys 12428-B Parts for The Wltoys 12428-B RC Car

Wltoys 12428-C Parts for The Wltoys 12428-C RC Car

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