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Wltoys 144001 battery Upgrade wltoys 144001 Battery-2S 3S Lipo Battery

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What is the type of the wltoys 144001 Battery?

This 144001 remote control car factory uses a 18650 lithium battery with a voltage of 7.4V, a capacity of 1500mah, and a discharge coefficient of 15c. Lithium batteries have the advantages of fast discharge speed, lightweight, fast recharging speed, and safe use.

Install battery method:

If you want to upgrade the battery of this remote control car, you must buy a lithium battery with a voltage of 7.4V and a discharge coefficient of 15C. The important thing is to say it again, choose a lithium battery. The battery capacity can be larger, such as the 2200mah and 3000mah batteries in our store.

If you want to upgrade a higher voltage, such as 3S, 11.1v lithium battery, you must replace the ESC, receiver and motor, steering gear, etc. If you need this, you can send an email to our store for a consultation.

Advantages of 18650 lithium battery:

  • 1. Wide range of use
    Widely used in various electronic equipment, such as notebook computers, walkie-talkies, portable DVDs, instruments, audio equipment, aviation models, toys, camcorders, digital cameras, etc.
  • 2. Series
    It can be combined in series or parallel to form a 18650 lithium battery pack.
  • 3. Low internal resistance
    The internal resistance of polymer batteries is smaller than that of ordinary liquid batteries. The internal resistance of household polymer batteries can even be less than 35mΩ, which greatly reduces the self-consumption of the battery. This kind of polymer lithium battery that supports large discharge current is an ideal choice for remote control models, and it has become the most promising product to replace Ni-MH batteries.
  • 4. No memory effect
    No need to empty the remaining power before charging, easy to use.
  • 5. High voltage
    The voltage of 18650 lithium battery is usually 3.6V, 3.8V, and 4.2V, which is much higher than the 1.2V voltage of nickel-cadmium and nickel-hydrogen batteries.
  • 6. High safety performance
    18650 lithium battery has high safety performance, non-explosive, non-combustible; non-toxic, non-polluting, RoHS trademark certification; cycle times greater than 500 times; good high-temperature resistance, discharge efficiency up to 100% at 65 degrees. To prevent the battery from short-circuiting, the positive and negative electrodes of the 18650 lithium battery are separated. Therefore, the possibility of its short circuit has been minimized. A protective plate can be added to avoid overcharging and over-discharging the battery, which can also extend battery life.
  • 7. Long life
    The 18650 lithium battery has a long service life, and the cycle of life can reach more than 500 times in normal use, which is more than twice that of ordinary batteries.
  • 8. Large capacity
    The capacity of 18650 lithium battery is usually between 1200mah~3600mah. If 18650 lithium batteries are combined to form a 18650 lithium battery pack, the 18650 lithium battery pack can easily exceed 5000mah.

What is the wltoys 144001 battery size?

Now there are 3 Version Lipo Battery can fit for the 144001 RC car. They are the Upgrade 2200mah battery, the upgrade 3000mah battery, and the official 1500mah battery.
The Upgrade 2200mah battery's size is 100X33X15mm. the weight is about 115.5g.
The Upgrade 3000mah battery's size is 102X34X19mm. the weight is about 119g.

Can use wltoys 144001 2s battery?

Yes, All 2S 7.4V Lipo Battery can be used for this RC car. only some battery's size is not suitable .also the Battery discharge rate is at least 15c, sometimes can use 20c or 25c discharge rate battery. One thing you must know is that the higher the discharge rate, the more powerful speed for the car, also the less running time for the car.

Can use wltoys 144001 3s battery?

Now .for the Official 144001 RC car, they can not upgrade to a 3S battery. The 3S 11.1V is too high, it will burn the Reciever board, Motor, and servo. But if you upgrade it to the Brushless version .choose the right ESC Board(ESC can output current smoothly) and the Right Version brushless motor, you can then use the Upgrade 3S battery.
The 3S battery can make the RC car fun faster .but for the beginners, we do not suggest people do that.

Do you have the wltoys 14401 battery upgrade?

Yes, on our shop, now there is 2 version upgrade battery for this 144001 RC car, it is the Upgrade 2200mah battery and the 3000mah battery. also, we have the upgraded charger for the battery.
Also, you can buy the battery alarm, it can alarm when your battery is out of the power in 50m distance.

Do you have a wltoys 14401 bigger battery?

Yes, on our shop, now there is 2 version upgrade battery for this 144001 RC car, it is the Upgrade 2200mah battery and the 3000mah battery. also, we have the upgraded charger for the battery.

wltoys 144001 Battery FAQ

Are these batteries the same as the A959B A979b battery?

We have carefully checked the battery's size and type. Yes,i t is the same as the A959B, A979B Battery.

Is there a longer-lasting more powerful battery upgrade?

Yes, .you can choose the Upgrade 2200mah, Upgrade 3000mah battery on our website.

whats the battery running time?

usually, if you run at the max speed 60km/h, it will last about 7 minutes for the Official 1500mah battery.
If you use the Upgrade 2200mah battery, it will run at least 12 minutes.
if you use the Upgrade 3000mah battery, it will run at least 15 minutes.
if you want to run more time, we suggest you can buy more batteries. and When one battery is out of power, you can use another battery.

wltoys 144001 Battery Review

This original battery is generally good to use, and the length of time is about 10 to 12 minutes. Charging takes about 3 hours.

I decisively bought 2 upgraded batteries later, which are much more comfortable to use. Playing for half an hour at a time is not bad.

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