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Wltoys XK A160 Parts SKYLARK XK A160 RC Plane Parts Upgrade Battery

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Why choose the Wltoys XK A160 RC Plane ?

I am very happy to introduce to you the new remote control glider A160 launched by Weili factory.
1 This glider is still made in proportion to the prototype of the Cessna aircraft. The fuselage has a total length of 460mm and a lateral wing width of 650mm. The fuselage material is made of environmentally friendly EPP material, which can not only ensure the stability of the aircraft's flight, but also has a very light weight, only 145g. In addition, it is particularly resistant to falls. Even if there is an impact crack, it can be repaired only with special foam glue.
2 The internal power of this glider uses 7.4V 500MAH lithium batteries, and the flight time for each battery is about 6 minutes. You can easily remove and replace the battery, which has reached multiple times the flight time. In addition, its motor uses a high-performance 1406 brushless concentric cup motor. It can not only guarantee long-term high-speed operation, but also has a light weight and a longer life than a brushed motor. Allows you to safely replace the battery and fly for a long time continuously and experience the fun of flying.
3 In terms of control, the internal circuit chip of this glider is equipped with a 3-axis gyroscope, which will automatically adjust the direction when flying, making the gliding flight attitude more stable. At the same time, you can also choose the "6 axis mode" to practice all kinds of difficult acrobatics. in addition. It also has a steering gear to adjust the gear, you can adjust the strength of each turn. . You can increase or decrease the gear to play according to whether you are a novice or a professional player.
4 This aircraft has its own hovering flight function inside. Even if you release the throttle with your left hand, he will continue to slide steadily. It greatly reduces the difficulty of flying and is very suitable for novices.
5 This glider is very cost-effective, and all kinds of spare parts are available in our shop. It is a good choice for children and adults alike. Highly recommend to everyone.

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    XK A160 Product Details:

    Name: K A160-J3 SKYLARK 03D/6G five-way brushless camera
    Material: EPP
    Product size: transverse wingspan is 650mm, and the entire fuselage length is 460mm
    Color box size: 50.5*15.1*20.8CM
    Airframe weight: 145g
    Flight time: about 6 minutes
    Charging time: 30-60 minutes
    Remote control distance: about 200 meters
    Drive motor: high performance 1406 brushless motor
    Body Battery: body 7.4V (500MAH)/

    Package include as follow:

    Color box packaging*1
    body RC Plane *1
    left and right wings*1 set,
    remote control*1

    English manual instruction*1
    RC Llipo Battery*1
    USB charger*1,
    spare blade*1

    XK A160 Reviews:

    1 The Silas glider is one of the most common types of remote-controlled gliders. The reason I chose this glider is very simple. Weili XK has always done a good job, the price is very cheap, but the quality is very good. So I bought a few for my kids to play with. It's great.

    2 The children are on summer vacation, and I take the children out for an outing. We chose an open grass and took out two gliders, XK A160 and XK X450, to take off and play together. Really, great. The children cheered and jumped. Very happy. The biggest advantage of the A160 is that it is very suitable for novices. As long as you don’t need to control the throttle in the air after taking off, you only need to control the direction. Of course, one thing to pay attention to is not to fly too high. Otherwise, it may fly away and find it.

    3 This glider is like a bird in the sky, soaring in the sky. When I drive him in the air, I feel very comfortable inside. If you want me to give some advice, it would be better if you can launch the camera at the same time. In this way, I can record my wonderful time while driving.

    4 This glider is so handsome. A few children in our village took them to fly outside together. You know, kids, they didn't know how to do it at first, and they fell a lot. Often the machine hit the ground and trees, and then they still did not release the throttle. When lucky, this baby is actually intact. After training for a period of time, they can take off normally. Later, I asked them to take off directly in their hands, because this way they can take off quickly without being restricted by the venue. After a while, the plane circled in the air. great. The only downside is that the battery life is a bit short. It is not difficult to change the battery. I was modified behind. Connect the batteries in series to increase the capacity, so that the playing time will be longer. It is recommended that you can also modify it yourself. Then use double-sided tape to fix the battery on the bottom of the aircraft.

    5 This is the second glider I bought. The first is the X520 vertical take-off, this is a classic and traditional trainer model. I have to say that his flying posture is very good. I used the enhanced gear as soon as I came. This steering is more flexible and more dynamic. In a few seconds, I took him off, flying very high. I installed a battery warning device on the plane, and it will alarm when the battery is almost dead. very good. My advice to everyone is to buy more batteries, otherwise it will not be enough for fun. At least 3 batteries are required. This way of playing will last longer.

    6 I am very happy to receive this package. This is a birthday present for my child. Children like it very much. For me, the most important thing for kids to play on gliders is that they are simple to operate and resistant to falls. After all, children are just beginning to learn and don't understand many things. Just like my child, after receiving it, he did some random manipulations by himself, but he never succeeded in taking off. He often bumps into nearby trees or throws his head directly on the ground. After I train the kids a lot, it will be much better. I like this coach glider very much. It is very helpful to my child's aviation teaching.

    7 The model interest class that I signed up for my child. The coach recommended this model to my child. My child has been trained to master this model very proficiently. It flies very well. I may buy a glider of higher difficulty for my child in the future.

    8 This glider is generally good. The price is not expensive and the quality is good. Some parts are still spared. The first one is the battery, which can extend the flight time. The other is the propeller, because the head propeller is used as the rotating power. For novices, they don't know how to fly at the beginning, and the head often hits, so the probability of damage and wear of the propeller in this part is relatively high. Therefore, it is recommended to spare a few more such accessories and replace them yourself.

    XK A160 FAQ:

    1 Is it easy to change the battery of this glider ?

    This glider is very easy to replace the battery. Each time you only need to open the battery cover at the bottom of the glider, unplug the battery interface plug, replace with a new battery, and connect the plug.

    2 How to fly XK A160 RC Plane ?

    There are two modes of glider flight, the first is the ground take-off mode, and the second is the hand-thrown take-off. Novices recommend using the ground take-off mode. You must first place the glider on a slightly wide, flat ground. After waiting for the glider to be stable, the left hand throttle slowly wants to push up until he takes off and he can adjust the steering according to his needs. The second hand-throwing take-off mode is not restricted by the ground and field. You only need to hold the glider in your hand, push the throttle with your right hand, wait for the glider propeller to rotate stably, and then throw it forward and upward to take off.

    3 How to Replace the propeller For XK A160 ?

    First turn off the power switch, and then unscrew the foam nut on the front of the propeller. Rotate slowly to remove the propeller, and the installation steps are the opposite of the dismantling steps just now to complete the installation.

    4 Where can I buy all the accessories for this XK A160 glider ?

    All your accessories can be purchased in our shop. We can basically ship all over the world. Please rest assured to buy.

    5 The receiving board is broken, buy another one, can it be used universally?

    Hello, if this gliding and receiving board is broken, you can continue to buy it in our shop. So far, the model of the receiving board of this glider is the same and universal, so you can directly match it with your glider when you buy it back. Please rest assured to buy and use it.

    6 How to charge the battery? How long is the charging time?

    If you look closely, you will find that there are two plugs on the battery. The red plug is for playing, and the white plug is for charging. When you need to charge, you only need to connect the white plug and the plug of the charger to charge. Generally, the charging time is about 30-40 minutes and it can be fully charged. In addition, please note that if the battery is not removed when you are charging, be sure to turn off the switch of the glider before charging. Or unplug the red plug on the battery and the plug on the fuselage of the aircraft before charging.