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Wltoys XK A500 Parts Q-F4U Corsair XK A500 RC Plane Parts Upgrade Battery Reviews

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Wltoys XK A500 Q-F4U Corsair Vedio on the Youtube

What is the wltoys XK A500 RC Plane?

The Shape of the Wltoys XK A500 Q-F4U Corsair RC Plane is based on the corresponding design of the Q-F4U Corsair Raptor fighter. Streamlined design, fast-flying speed and Flexible steering. Additionally, this glider is 4 Channel, the flight time is about 10 minute for each battery.It is highly recommended for collectors and hobbyists Who are interested in aviation or military models.

Why choose the XK A500 Q-F4U Corsair RC Plane?

1 This glider is a 2.4GHZ Four-channel simulation glider. The built-in three-axis stabilized gyroscope can accurately lock the flight attitude. The control response is very sensitive and can easily make various stunts. Profit rolls, rushes, drops, etc., and moves in circles.

2 This body is light and drop resistant and has a stable structure. The weight of the whole machine is 76g, which greatly reduces the air resistance and improves the flight dynamics and flight time. The body adopts EPP material. , Is an environmentally friendly new type of pressure-resistant cushioning and thermal insulation material. It has a smooth appearance and is very impact-resistant. It is an important material for aircraft models.

3. This Plane features a powerful coreless 1020 motor which was installed at the front position of the Fuselage. Thanks to its low internal friction,this motor runs smoothly and quietly, even at high speeds.

4. This aircraft also comes with a six-axis stabilization mode. In any times, you can release the power stick rod Which on the left side of the remote control, and the aircraft will automatically maintain a stable attitude on those position. The operation of this plane is very simple and is is suitable for any levls players to run.

5. In terms of power, This plane adops a 3.7V 400MAH high-rate lithium battery. , The capacity is 100mah larger than the previous A200, and the flight time is about 8-10 minutes. The charging time is about 30 minutes.

6. The Rontrol distance has been further upgraded, up to 150 meters. Yes, the plane can fly to a higher altitude and experience the fun of flying.

In general, this glider has upgraded its flight altitude, flight maneuvers, and flight stability. highly recommended.

XK A500 Parts Accessories list

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    XK A500 RC Plane Introduction

    WLtoys Plane A500 RC Glider EPP Airplane 4CH 3D/6G 6-Axis Gyro Flying Remote Control Electric Model Plane Toys for Children


    1. This product features a four-channel design that is easy to learn. Its fan blades, motors, and wings can be easily removed for replacement, and the flight control system comes with two receiver conversion sockets. The 5V socket is suitable for FUTABA (S-BUS) and other belts (S-BUS) ports of the receiver, while the 3V socket is compatible with DSM receivers. An external receiver can be used to control the product.
    2.Made of EPP+engineering plastic, this product weighs approximately 70g.
    3. Equipped with a built-in six-axis gyroscope flight stabilization system and a 1020 motor super-power reduction group, this product has a more stable route lock. It has a remote control 6G/3D mode that can be switched at will, with 6G mode being suitable for beginners, while 3D mode enables somersaults, left and right rolls, and flying upside down. It is recommended to fly the aircraft to a certain height to avoid mishandling and prevent falls.
    4. This product comes with a USB special charger that protects the battery from overcharging.
    5. The upper part of this product is dark blue while the lower part is light blue, showcasing its mini Q version appearance. Its transparent cabin cover and driver enhance its realistic appearance.
    6. Even beginners can easily operate this product, which comes in a simple mini Q-version color box packaging that is easy to carry.
    7. This product is powered by a standard battery LI-POLY 3.7V (400MAH) 20C, providing a super endurance gliding flight for about 12 minutes.
    8. The fan blade assembly of this product features a unique buckle structure design that automatically falls off when the fan blade hits an obstacle, protecting the motor from damage.

    parameter configuration

    Product number: A500
    Product description: Four-channel like real machine
    Product material: EPP+engineering plastic
    Wingspan (mm): 350
    Captain (mm): 270
    Body height (mm): 150
    Color box size (cm): 38*18.7*20.2CM
    Flight weight (G): 70G (including battery)
    Glide flight time: about 12 minutes
    Charging time: about 80 minutes
    Remote control mode: 2.4G four channels
    Remote control distance (meters): radius 150 meters
    Remote control battery: 4 AA (not included)
    Number of drive motors: hollow cup motor 1020 *1
    Battery details: LI-POLY 3.7V(400MAH) 20C

    Package List:

    1 *Color box packaging
    1 *Remote control
    1 * Aircraft
    1 * Manual
    1 * usb charging head
    1 * Blade set
    2 * Battery 3.7V(400MAH)
    1 *Rear landing gear
    1 *Left and right landing gear
    1 *Phillips screwdriver

    XK A500 FAQ:

    1 Is it easy to change the battery of this glider ?

    This glider is very easy to replace the battery. Each time you only need to open the battery cover at the bottom of the glider, unplug the battery interface plug, replace with a new battery, and connect the plug.

    2 How to fly XK A500 RC Plane ?

    There are two modes of glider flight, the first is the ground take-off mode, and the second is the hand-thrown take-off. Novices recommend using the ground take-off mode. You must first place the glider on a slightly wide, flat ground. After waiting for the glider to be stable, the left hand throttle slowly wants to push up until he takes off and he can adjust the steering according to his needs. The second hand-throwing take-off mode is not restricted by the ground and field. You only need to hold the glider in your hand, push the throttle with your right hand, wait for the glider propeller to rotate stably, and then throw it forward and upward to take off.

    3 How to Replace the propeller For XK A500 ?

    First turn off the power switch, and then unscrew the foam nut on the front of the propeller. Rotate slowly to remove the propeller, and the installation steps are the opposite of the dismantling steps just now to complete the installation.

    4 Where can I buy all the accessories for this XK A500 glider ?

    All your accessories can be purchased in our shop. We can basically ship all over the world. Please rest assured to buy.

    5 The receiving board is broken, buy another one, can it be used universally?

    Hello, if this gliding and receiving board is broken, you can continue to buy it in our shop. So far, the model of the receiving board of this glider is the same and universal, so you can directly match it with your glider when you buy it back. Please rest assured to buy and use it.

    6 How to charge the battery? How long is the charging time?

    If you look closely, you will find that there are two plugs on the battery. The red plug is for playing, and the white plug is for charging. When you need to charge, you only need to connect the white plug and the plug of the charger to charge. Generally, the charging time is about 50 minutes and it can be fully charged. In addition, please note that if the battery is not removed when you are charging, be sure to turn off the switch of the glider before charging. Or unplug the red plug on the battery and the plug on the fuselage of the aircraft before charging.

    XK A500 RC Plane Reviews

    1. The shape of the plane is very beautiful. The details are very realistic.

    2. The plane is flying high. very interesting. In addition, I want to say that the remote control of the aircraft is also very easy to operate. Even beginners can quickly master the control skills of the glider and enjoy the fun of flying.

    3. I really like the flight performance of this rc glider. Its flying attitude in the air is very stable. Maintain smooth flight even in strong winds or sudden changes in air flow. In addition, its flying speed and altitude are also very good, which made me experience a lot of fun and challenges during the flight..

    4. The quality of this remote control glider is very good, and the anti-drop performance is top-notch. When I controlled the plane landing several times, it has no problem after it hit the big tree next to me. I've played it many times with no problems so far..

    5. The battery life of this remote control glider is also excellent, Which can run for a long time on a single charge. Also,Its charging time is very short and convenient..

    6. I think the 6G mode of this rc glider is cool. I can switch to 6D mode to adjust the flight performance of the glider according to different weather or flight needs..

    7 In addition to the appearance and performance, the accessories of this remote control glider are also very complete. The package that I received included all the necessary accessories. Such as the glider body, remote control, batteries and charger. We do not need to buy anything else, very worry-free.

    8.When I flying this RC glider in the sky ,I like to hear the roar sound which feels like flying a real plane..

    9. This rc glider has a very reasonably price. Although it is a high-performance remote control glider, the price is not very expensive.It is very suitable for beginners or glider enthusiasts to buy..