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Wltoys XK A250 Parts BF-109 XK A250 RC Plane Parts Upgrade Battery

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Wltoys XK A250 BF-109 Vedio on the Youtube

What is the wltoys XK A250 RC Plane?

This wltoys XK A250 glider is designed based on a scaled-down design of the real Germany BF-109 fighter jet. The fuselage is light and drop resistant, and the bare metal weight is about 75g. With 1020 motor super power deceleration group, the route lock is more stable. The remote control 6G/3D mode can be switched at will, and the 6G mode is suitable for beginners to fly.
This glider uses a four-channel design, which is simple and easy to learn. The aileron channel controls the aircraft to turn left and right. Its elevator channel is responsible for controlling the aircraft's head up and down; its throttle channel is responsible for controlling the speed of the aircraft; its direction control channel is responsible for turning the aircraft around. The propellers, motors, and wings on the fuselage of this aircraft are very easy to remove and install. at the same time. The flight control system adds two receiver conversion sockets. 5V is suitable for FUTABA (S-BUS) J and other receivers with (S-BUS) ports, and 3V is suitable for DSM receivers.

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    Product details introduction:

    Model: A250
    Name: XK BF-109 Four-channel camera
    Product size: wingspan 350mm, length 290mm, fuselage height 120mm.
    Color box size: 38*18.7*20.2CM
    Outer box size: 77.5*39*62.5CM
    Number of boxes: 12
    Gross net weight: 7.776KG/9.776KG
    Product material: EPP+engineering plastic
    Packing weight: about 648G
    Flight weight: 70G (including battery)
    Glide flight time: about 12 minutes
    Charging time: about 80 minutes
    Remote control mode: 2.4G four channels
    Remote control distance: The remote control distance is 150 meters away
    Drive motor: hollow cup motor 1020 *1
    Battery details: Body: LI-POLY 3.7V(400MAH) 20C Remote control: 4 AA (not included)
    Charger details: dedicated USB charging head 5V 600mah, the light is off when charging, and the red light is on when fully charged


    1. According to the real BF109 fighter, it is scaled down to a Q version. The four-channel design is simple and easy to learn. The aileron channel controls the aircraft to turn left and right, the lift controls the aircraft to lift up, climb and descend, and the throttle channel controls the speed of the aircraft. Fan blades, motors, and wings are detachable for easy replacement. Two new receiver conversion sockets are added to the flight control system. 5V is suitable for FUTABA (S-BUS) J and other receivers with (S-BUS) ports, and 3V is suitable for DSM receiver. Customers can control the product through an external receiver.

    2. EPP+engineering plastic, the flight weight is about 70g.

    3. Built-in six-axis gyroscope flight stabilization system, with 1020 motor super-power reduction group, the route lock is more stable. The remote control 6G/3D mode can be switched at will, and the 6G mode is suitable for beginners to fly. The 3D mode can realize somersaults, roll left and right, and fly upside down. It is recommended to fly the aircraft to a certain height for operation to avoid improper operation and reduce the possibility of falling.

    4. USB special charger, more effective to protect the battery from overcharging.

    5. Part of the desert yellow on the plane and part of the light blue below show the mini Q version appearance.

    6. Simple operation, even beginners can easily master it. Simple mini Q-version color box packaging, easy to carry.

    7. Standard battery LI-POLY 3.7V (400MAH) 20C, super endurance gliding flight for about 12 minutes.

    8. The unique buckle structure design of the fan blade assembly will automatically fall off when the fan blade hits an obstacle, which more effectively protects the motor from damage.

    Package includes

    Color box packaging*1
    remote control*1
    manual*1, usb charging head*1
    propeller blade*1
    Rear landing gear*1
    left and right landing gear each*1
    Phillips screwdriver* 1
    ScrewDriver *1

    XK A250 RC Plane Reviews

    1 P-40 Fighter (English: P-40 Fighter, code name: Tomahawk), is a single-seat single-engine straight-wing piston fighter in the United States. I am very happy to receive this model aircraft. It is really great. After opening the box, I simply paired the remote control and the aircraft was almost ready to use out of the box. Because I was flying in the park, it was almost impossible to fly on the ground with the landing gear because of the high rolling resistance on the grass. So I used the hand launch method and took off very simply. Of course, if you are in a wide open space, you can also take off from the ground.

    2 I have never piloted a remote-controlled glider before. But after watching a lot of videos on YouTube about how easy these words are to fly, I decided to give it a try. Because as a novice, I try to buy a glider that is easy to use, the price is not regulated, and the quality is relatively good. So I chose this Weili glider product. This little plane is so fun! This is a great product and a great price!

    3 This plane is indeed very easy to fly. Put it in beginner mode, throw it into the wind, and then disappear. Everything went smoothly during my first flight. Windward, downwind, and turning, no problem. It is easy to control. The gyroscope can stabilize it even in the wind, and the flight is very pleasant. Unfortunately, I didn't pay attention for a second. It did hit a large bush, so I had to climb in to retrieve the plane, but I did lose a propeller. No problem, it comes with two extra propellers, it's easy to install, and then it shuts down again. There is no real learning curve here, just learn in the air and have fun. When I become more confident, I will enter the intermediate mode, and I guess I will eventually enter the expert mode without a gyroscope. Then I will feel comfortable to go to the big plane. Try this little guy, it's very interesting.

    4 This glider is definitely the first choice for novices. Because its beginner mode is very easy to fly, it is fun and fast. Before you fly, I have two things you need to know. First of all, you need a lot of space to fly this plane. Half a big football field is good, one is better. In addition, when you turn, it will spin a large circle in the air, so you need to estimate the specific position of the circle to turn. Also, beware of the wind. This plane is so light that even a breeze can turn it towards you. This happened on my first flight,

    Later, I raised the plane very high, it was very windy the day I flew. The gust of wind kept blowing the plane away from me, almost taking it to the next state...! Fortunately, I was able to make it turn around and stay away from the wind before it was taken out of the range of the remote control. This is a close call. So, fly, have fun, but pay attention to the wind. Observe the tree tops around you and see if the wind is blowing higher than the ground, otherwise you might lose it like me.