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Wltoys XK A200 Parts F-16B XK A200 RC Plane Parts Upgrade Battery

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Wltoys XK A200 F-16B Vedio on the Youtube

What is the wltoys XK A200 RC Plane?

Wltoys XK A200 F-16B RC Plane, RC AirPlane RC Glider. Its shape is based on the corresponding design of the F16 Raptor fighter. Streamlined design, fast-flying speed. Flexible steering. At the same time, this glider is 2 Channel, the flight time can be very long. It is very suitable for the collection and play of aeromodelling and military model.

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    Wltoys XK A200 RC Plane Reviews

    The flying is very good, the remote control operation is simple, and children like it. The flight time is not long, and then I bought a battery, with a charger, and the charging is quite fast.
    The plane has been received and it can fly very well. The nose of the aircraft has not been damaged after being hit by children several times. It is recommended to equip it with a bottle of foam glue, otherwise the fragile parts will be easily broken. The child is ten years old, flying very well, it is recommended to buy, suitable for children to play.
    The remote control is very interesting to play. My son likes watching airplanes very much, so he just bought this airplane for him to play with.
    The quality is good, the workmanship is exquisite, the use effect is very good, it is value for money, it is worth buying.
    It’s a very good plane, but it’s a pity that it’s not proficient in the operation. It flew too high, and it flew over the clouds. It was lost. So I quickly bought another one.
    The workmanship and materials are very good, I bought it several times, and this one is easy to organize, it’s pretty good, and I will buy it again.
    The material is strong and durable, the baby likes it very much, the baby is very good, the express is super powerful.
    The workmanship and design are good, the received quality is very good, it is good for the child, and give a satisfactory evaluation! .
    The material of the remote control aircraft is strong and stable, the operation is sensitive, the design is beautiful, the standby time is very long, and the children are particularly happy.
    The price is popular and the quality is very good. I am quite satisfied. I will continue to patronize your shop if necessary.
    The first time I played an airplane, I was still on the riverside, and I was terrified, but the airplane was very good! Novices fly, high and steady.
    The packaging is intact and the logistics customer service is as described by the merchant. I really like it and recommend friends to buy.
    The baby that the child was thinking of was finally received. The shape is realistic and the flying is very stable. The child likes it very much.

    Wltoys A200 Common Question

    Where to buy the A200 RC Plane ?

    You can buy from the Amazon,ebay or our official wl-toys.com website. we can nearly ship all the world.