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Wltoys XK A190 Parts F-18 Hornet XK A190 RC Plane Parts Upgrade Battery

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Wltoys XK A190 F-18 Vedio on the Youtube

What is the wltoys XK A190 RC Plane?

1. I am very happy to introduce to you the 2-channel simulation glider XK A190 launched by Wltoys XK Factory. This glider is based on the prototype of the American F-18 Fighter. 2-channel design, operation is very simple. easy to use. The aileron channel controls the aircraft to turn left and right, and the throttle controls the aircraft to climb and descend.
2. Material due to the selection of EPP material. It is very resistant to falls, and the air flight time can be up to 12 minutes. Support wireless battery life after changing the battery. At the same time, due to the 2.4G transmission technology, the remote control can be easily controlled within a distance of up to 150 meters.
3. In terms of structure, it is driven by dual engines with rear thrusters. Due to the location behind the wings, it can prevent high-speed impact. It can greatly protect the life of the propeller and the motor. At the same time, there is a motor with forward and reverse propellers installed on each side of the horizontal main wing. Their high-efficiency rotating power can offset the reverse torque and make the flight more stable. .

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    Product details introduction:

    Product model: A190 (F-18)
    Product name: Two-channel like real machine
    Product size: wingspan 290mm, captain 395mm
    Color box size: 41.5*31.5*9.6cm
    Carton size: 49.5*43*65cm
    Packing number: 10
    Product material: EPP+ engineering plastics
    Flight weight: 60g
    Flight time: about 12 minutes
    Charging time: about 50 minutes
    Remote control mode: 2.4G two channels
    Remote control distance: remote control distance is greater than 150 meters
    Drive motor: Coreless motor 0716 *2
    Pool details: LI-POLY 3.7V(300MAH) 20C
    Charger: dedicated USB charging head 5V 600mah, the light is off when charging, the red light is on when it is full


    1. According to the F-18 scaled down, the two-channel design is simple and easy to learn. The aileron channel controls the aircraft to turn left and right, and the throttle controls the aircraft to climb and descend.
    2. EPP material, very resistant to impact, flying weight around 60g.
    3. Push the dual-engine power backwards, and the forward and reverse propellers counteract the anti-torque force each other. 4. Built-in six-axis gyroscope flight self-stabilization system, the route lock is more stable.
    5. USB special charger.
    6. The aircraft is fully assembled, and the water transfer stickers are all completed, and you can fly right away.
    7. The operation is simple, and beginners can easily master it.

    Package includes

    color box packaging*1,
    remote control*1,
    usb charging head*1,
    propeller forward rotation*1
    reverse rotation*1,
    front landing gear*1
    Rear landing gear*2

    XK A190 RC Plane Reviews

    1 I am very happy to receive this gift, which is a holiday gift for my 9-year-old grandson. After taking off three times in a row, my little grandson finally Chen Gong. It tried to run the plane quickly into the air with its right hand. Then at the same time hold the throttle of the remote control with your left hand and push it up, and then quickly turn your attention to the remote control. After that, there was no stopping him.
    Then in less than half an hour, he could easily make a soft landing.
    After observing many youtube flying skills, we chose to drive to an empty local field when there was almost no wind. Make his first flight for him.
    Regarding the question of whether it is possible to fly indoors and outdoors. I suggest that children can fly indoors only after a lot of practice and proficiency, in order to ensure that indoor things are not damaged. And if it's in the warehouse, it's basically no problem, you can fly anywhere. The greatest joy of playing this airplane is to see how high it flies. See how far he flies. This is very fun. Especially when the plane is flying high in the sky and hovering like a bird, our own mood is very comfortable.

    2 My 6 year old daughter likes it very much. The price of this aircraft is very cheap and the quality is very good. My little daughter probably learned flying skills after a few attempts. Although hitting the surrounding buildings on the ground level many times, it did not affect the performance of this aircraft. The plane is intact. Very resistant to falls.

    3 After testing, it is indeed easy to be blown off when there is wind, and a few times, due to the surrounding trees, it will get stuck on the branches. The site of my flight this time is in a spacious park with a few trees. There is a slight wind in the environment. After we are proficient, we can easily fly the plane to an altitude of at least 100 meters, because the plane becomes a little bird on the Internet. It's not easy to see clearly. So about this height is enough. For the plane to land, I think it's okay, as long as the distance from the ground is not high, just release the throttle. It has absolutely maintained well in the number of crashes! For people flying for the first time, this is a great little plane. The wheels of the landing gear feel basically unnecessary if you are on the grass, because you don't need to take off and taxi, and you don't need to land and taxi, just just fall down. Overall, it is fun and the whole family loves it until we take the time (sometimes a few hours) to take it off the tree!

    4 This glider is very cheap and cost-effective. It has two motors on the left and right, which has sufficient power. In time when there is a peak, I can choose the strong mode to increase the power to improve the stability of the flight. This aircraft motor adopts a rear-mounted structural design, so there is basically no need to worry about damage to the motor and propeller. Unless you get stuck on a branch and you continue to open the throttle, other things rarely go bad. So in general, this is a super fall-resistant airplane that is very suitable for novices, children and the elderly. The price is cheap, you can buy more to play together, and you can play at the same time, without interfering with each other.

    5 This small plane is well designed. Easy to fly, with only 2 controls, speed and turn.
    There is a gyro stabilizer, it needs a little wind, but not much. I ran into houses, trees, clotheslines, concrete patios, and you said it was still perfect.
    With 3 batteries, each can fly for 15 minutes, and each can be charged for only 50 minutes.
    The only downside is that if you want to move to a 3 or 4 channel plane, these controls won't teach you much.
    It is a good practice to let your brain know that when the plane is flying towards you, the left/right is the opposite.
    I have a ball, it is locked, it flies a few feet above the ground or a few feet higher, but it is too small to allow it to fly far, a gust of wind may be a disaster. You can even grab it with your hands, with the props behind the wings. Astonishing!